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So how many of you use NetFlix?

I do, and we love it. My husband and I share an account, so we each have a profile with a mile-long list on our queue. I was REALLY upset when they gave us the notice that they were getting rid of the profiles! Oh no!!

Seems I wasn't the only one fit to be tied at that idea, because a few days ago I got an email saying they were keeping the profiles!! Yeehaw!!

Anyone else here feel the same way? We would have died with only one queue, and probably would have had to stop using it, which would have been sad!
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NetFlix????????? Is that where you get videos sent you to?????? pardon me for my ignorance, just wondering is all
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Originally Posted by kittydad View Post
NetFlix????????? Is that where you get videos sent you to?????? pardon me for my ignorance, just wondering is all
Yes... it is... postage paid DVD rentals... love it! I've had it for years...

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I love it too! My husband has his list of movies and I have mine! Between the two of us, we can watch 5-8 different movies a week... It's great. Now that they are going to keep the separate profiles I'll keep using them.
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I know what NetFlix is but we don't use it so I have no idea about profiles. I did think why would anyone use this until I went to see a friend who lives in the Sierra Nevada mountains in CA. They live by NetFlix - they are 20 minutes from a video store and that is in good weather.
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I have Netflix, also, this is another one of the greatest ideas, ever. I never went to the video store, even though it is about 5 minutes from my house, I just never went Now, with Netflix, I can get TV show series delivered right to my house finished Angel a couple weeks ago and now I'm watching Six Feet Under, which I am absolutely loving. With all my TV shows, my que numbers over 200
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We just started using it a few months ago and love it! DH and I don't have separate lists, I just tell him what I would like to see and he adds it to his. THe best thing about it is the videos don't have to be back by a certain time. I was TERRIBLE with remembering to return videos to the rental store so usually by the time I paid the late fees I could have bought the stupid thing!
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I have it and I LOVE it. Their service is wonderful, and I've never ever had a complaint.

Two thumbs up from me!
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Hubby and I have it and we love it. We don't have separate profiles, I just put my stuff under his list and since his list is longer, it's perfect that way. We get lots of movies and usually watch them at the oddest hours of the days and nights. I like that you can keep them for as long as you want to and not have to pay late fees.
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I have had Netflix for a couple of years too and I think it's the greatest thing since sliced bread! I remember having to stand in line forever at blockbuster to check out a movie (on the rare occasion you could find something that interested you).

I get 3 movies at a time per week and have unlimited movie watching online. I like the option of viewing the movies online, but think that they could have a better selection for us.

My boyfriend and I use the same queue since we pretty much have the same interests in movies. For those of you that have 2 or more queues, how does that work when they mail movies out? Do they choose one from each queue to send out?

Another great benefit to Netflix is that we were able to cancel our cable television. They only showed us the same movies over and over again and you had to watch lots of reruns of shows that were old shows that the networks no longer show. We didn't watch those shows when they were on the networks so why would we want to watch them when we were paying to watch tv?
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We have Netflix and love it as well. We don't bother with different profiles, we just add movies to the one queue, and try to alternate his choices and my choices. We watch them together anyway so don't see the need for different profiles.
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We have Netflix. I usually pick out all the movies. DH will watch some and just the ones he doesn't care about, I will watch when he's at work.
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We have Netflix and we love it We get 2 at a time, so we get about 4 movies a week. We've just got Netflix back when there was another thread about it this spring - we tried the 2 week trial and we were hooked!
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We have Netflix too and get 3 at a time. It is well worth it!

We dont use different profiles. My kids add to it, hubby adds to it, I go on there to move the movies on the queue so we get an even mix.

I love that we can keep it as long as we need. And I even like how they allow you to put your account on hold when you need to. When we went on my son's Make-A-Wish trip we put it on hold for two weeks. They not only held the movies back, but they didnt bill me for that time either and my bill date was changed! This year I put our account on hold over the summer break because we arent home much and dont have as much time to watch movies. Once our softball season ends, I can resume it with a click of a button.

Love it! Even gave it as gifts!
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