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I am back

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Greetings to all. I apologize for my absence as a lot of changes have been happening in my life as of late. Firstly, I have been working and extreme amount of hours at work, and it seems I have only been working and sleeping, not leaving much time for a social life. Sugar has passed away, about 6-8 weeks ago. She was outside on her leash, and saw something that she wanted to chase, her harness gave away and was struck by a passing motorist. I have moved out of my 1 bedroom apartment and into a 3 bedroom apartment, which is a great moved for me, eases a bit of pressure from me, and gives me more time to relax. I have recently (tonight actually), taken in a stray kitten, that was desperately looking for a home. She would come up to people, and go into their houses, and run around. Others were feeding her, and giving water. Tonight when I visited a friend, the kitten tried to get into my car as I was unloading plywood to close a window with an A/C unit in it. It was still roaming and would come right up to me and let me pat it and hold it, even purred. So i brought it home and what an appetite it has. Wolfing down 2 cans of food that I got till i can get to the pet store tomorrow.
So i have been busy, and my life is changing drastically in the meantime. Good to be back, and hopefully seeing people again.
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Sugar is sending kitties in need your way... she knows what a good parent you are!
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Bless your soul for taking in a kitty in need!

I'm sure Sugar will be so proud of you! Also, we are so glad to hear from you again, it has been a while Take care of yourself
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Welcome back! It is always nice when a member that has been absent for awhile comes back.
My condolences on the loss of Sugar.
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