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Monday's Dt

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Good afternoon,pi$$ie day! Snow,snow,snow!!!!Ick
I am not going out in it,I have had enough!!I want to move to AZ....
All the kittens are eating solid food and useing litter box.And walking all around the house,and learning to play.
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another one
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I'll swap the whether here with yours - we're having very warm weather winter is leaving us...

Ron has a cold - it's much better now though. The fever is down and now he mainly has a nasty cough. It did mean I had to spend much more time with him these past few days and now I'm really panicked about the all the work I still have to do with the course... I also have 3-4 clients asking for consultations and 2 TV networks who want to run a piece about cat behavior I need more time!!! I think adding more hours to the day will be a good idea!

At least next week it's the Passover holiday and I have a break from the course. But I guess that week will go to working on the updates on TCS and Meowhoo for May (we start those about 2-3 weeks in advance)...

I thought I'd post here for a bit to relax, but honestly, this post only stresses me even more... better stop now.
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Ow! I can't lift my arms over my head from digging out from the 4 inches of ice on my driveway, walkway and sidewalk! I am trying to mellow myself out with pain killers and mellow music (Aselin Debison). Last night when I went to bed Merlin started kneeding my sorest point (I jammed my shoulder) and it was a great kitty massage.

My mom is doing a little better now. She appreciated me being there for most of last week. She is getting homecare at least once a day now to deal with the infection - because of the infection it will take a really long time for her to heal. She has an appointment with the oncologist on April 14th.

Hope everyone is doing well.

Don't forget to vote in the Mystery Forum so that it has a name!
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Hello everyone! Hope everyone is having a good Monday!

My dear fiance is sick with a tummy virus, so I'll be taking care of him today . . . he's so pitiful when he's sick. I'm going to try to make him drink some Powerade after he's had a nap . . .

Other than that, I'm having a very uneventful day. It's raining, so I'm going to try to stay inside. Happy Monday everyone!
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75 and sunny, right now.

I had a two-hour job interview, this morning. About five minutes was spent, talking to the HR guy and the rest was skills assessment, on a computer. I passed!

While getting dressed, this morning, I KNOW that I dragged Rowdy out of the closet. The last that I saw of her, she was on the bed. When I got home, I petted the dogs and said "hi" to Opie but didn't see Rowdy. Didn't think much of it - she does hang out behind and under furniture. Opened the closet, to hang up my business clothes and guess who pops out? I haven't a clue, as to HOW she got back in there! Oh, well, three hours in a closet isn't going to hurt her and she didn't do any damage, either.

Have a good one and keep warm!
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