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I posted to ask if anyone has anyone has any suggestions on what I should do on my birthday. It's tomorrow so I need to make up a choice quick. I was thinking on shopping most of the day then eat then theaters most the night. My friends are too busy to come with me so I'm limited on choices. Does anyone have any other possibilities. I appreciate them.
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I wish I could help you but I have the same problem. Mine is Monday and we have no idea what to do.
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Well, it probably depends a lot on your age, but a really nice day for me would be to sleep in, go to a bookstore, eat out, and go to a movie.
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Do whatever you feel like doing! It's your day and if you don't wanna do some big thing, then don't! Go shopping, pick up stuff to make (or have someone make for you) a favorite dish or hit your favorite place out, grab a book and read outside, fill the tub with water and bubbles and fill the bathroom with candles and hang a do not disturb sign... whatever floats your boat, dear! Do something that makes you feel good - just make sure (in a nice way) that others around you kinda know that it's your day so maybe you'll be in charge of the remote and won't be stuck doing the dishes, that kind of thing

On my actual bday this year, I went to an ice hockey game (the Flyers AHL team, the Phantoms) and wore my jeweled tiara (yes I'm 24 haha) to the game and then my dad and I got famous Philly chessesteaks from Genos - it was exactly what I wanted to do! My bday "gift" from my parents is actually good tickets to next week's Kenny Chesney concert in Philly - so I'll be celebrating again next Saturday with my mom, thousands of fans and my favorite artist
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