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Oi! That's my finger!

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One of my little foster kittens is a downright rascal! He is very protective of his food and so funny!

I had some baby food on my finger which he was happily licking off until his brother came up to him. Worried he was going to lose his treat, he chomped down on my finger and tried to run off with it!
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That's attached, kitty!
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Kittens are so cute but those little teeth sure are sharp! I always feel sorry for mommy cat because they have to deal with that until the kittens are weaned!

So how's your finger?
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My gosh I shouldn't laugh, but I can't help it! Kittens are so cute, but so unpredictable. And the picture of a baby kitten latched onto your finger trying to drag you off is just funny, hehe

Anyway, I hope your finger is ok. Kitten teeth are like razors and can really hurt!
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He didn't break the skin, just tried to pull it away. It was pretty funny!
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That's funny indeed!! At least you have ten fingers, one for each kitten should be more than enough
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I laugh because i've been there many times The worst is when they get your toes though- be on guard Sarah!
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Oh the same little guy tries to wrestle with my toes using his sharp little claws!
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Enjoy the kids.....LOL
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Why is it that kittens have claws and teeth that can draw blood at the slightest provocation? I'm somewhat shocked the military hasn't studied this phenomena and used it to their advantage.
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