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Show on Spike TV

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I'm posting this here instead of the lounge because I figured it might fit better here. If not, I don't mind if someone moves it.

I was watched CSI Las Vegas for a couple hours - Spike TV always has 2 or 3 episodes in a row. I've been on the computer since halfway through the last episode, and there is now a show on about animals that lose control.

So far every single clip has been of a pitbull, making them look bad some more. The last one they showed, someone was filming when animal control came (after it bit someone and his daughter). The woman told the officer "Benjamin (the dog) is coming out, so I suggest you leave if you don't want to get hurt", proceeds to leave the door open, and you hear her yell something to the dog and he shoots out of the house like a bullet. Attacked the animal control officer twice before someone stunned it enough to back off. Fortunately, the lady was sentenced to jail for 6 months for "assault with a deadly weapon", after saying "I didn't LET him out!"

I hope people watching realize it's a large part of the owner's fault that these dogs are the way they are. Any pitt I've met has been amongst the most loving dogs.

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Have you seen this?,00.html
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Originally Posted by Natalie_ca View Post
I've had a near miss with a very mean Yorkie.

I think I've posted this in the past, but every Pitt, or Rottie I've ever encountered has been very nice. In fact, the last Rottie I met put her head in my lap and demanded nose and ear rubs. She'd also give away every thing of value in the house if you gave her a lamb treat.
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It may be true, but I think I'd rather get attacked by a vicious Dachsund than a vicious Pit Bull. I know who I'd have a better chance of fighting off!

I do agree though that Pit Bulls have copped a bad rap and the little dogs are generally more vicious!
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Little dogs generally are more vicious, yes, and that's because dog owners of small dogs often mistakenly believe that because they're small, they don't need training. They're often spoilt, pet, lap-dogs with very, very bad manners. All dogs will behave the way their raised and treated - and little dogs are often coddled, spoilt and indulged, remain untrained and pretty much rule their little domains. This leads to some very bad behaviour and often aggression.

This is not the case for ALL small dogs, of course, but it's a real problem for many.
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I seen that show and that clip you mentioned.

I love pitbulls and rotties and almost all breeds.I am a real dog lover.
ALL breeds can bite.It is not just pitbulls.I never met a mean pit,but have come across some very saucy chihuahuas,poms,yorkies and other small dogs (came across some sweeties too tho).I was attacked (not severly) by a German Shepherd when I was a kid and bitten by a beagle last yr.

My point is...all dogs can bite.
Unfortunatly the media likes to make pitbulls look bad!
What happens when all pitbulls are banned? Then the world will be out to "attack" another breed.I have even heard of the beloved Golden Retrivers and Labs biting.

I hate the media and stereotypes.
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A mail carrier friend of mine said the little dogs, especially chihuahuas, were the ones he worried about.

We DO have a neighbor whose female pit has backed me up into my garage twice. She didn't bite me, but she came as close as I ever want to see, and on my own property. He says she won't bite, but I don't care to experiment.

At the shelter, we have all sorts of dogs come in for quarantine for biting. Nothing surprises me there, so that would seem to indicate the owner is more responsible than the breed of dog.
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Originally Posted by mrblanche View Post
A mail carrier friend of mine said the little dogs, especially chihuahuas, were the ones he worried about.
Especially when you take away the Taco Bell.
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I've worked in an animal shelter and a large veterinary hospital, and the only two breeds (one each) that ever managed to bite me were those terribly vicious Golden Retrievers and Labrador Retrievers. Of course, most of my close calls involved small dogs.

I've dealt with plenty of pit bulls, Cane Corsos, Neopolitan Mastiffs, German Shepherds, Dobermans, Rottweilers, etc. with nary a problem. I've dealt with plenty of dogs during their actual bite quarantines with no problem, too. It all comes down to training and circumstances. Train your dog. Keep your dog out of undesirable situations. That's all it takes.

When it comes to dog bites, I generally support strict liability unless there are some pretty extenuating circumstances. Dog ownership is something a person chooses. If your dog bites inappropriately, you're doing something wrong.
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