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I just want to say. . .

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That I love this forum, I love the people here, I love how kind and sincere everyone is, I love the great advice and the closeness, I'm just so happy to be here with people so great, and with people who understand the love we all have for our cats.

That is all.
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I've been on quite a few forums, and this is by far the best! Here, you can be yourself and not be afraid of what you say or if you're going to offend anyone. I do think everyone here truely cares about each other, and each other's furbabies.
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Awww, what a sweet thing to say!
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Nice Glad you are happy here
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OMG, that's so sweet. Lots of hugs to you.
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I feel the same way I used to frequent a lot more forums, but have sort of died off with that. Always am here though!
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Aww How sweet! We are so glad that you guys love being on here with us, and we appreciate that

I'm on this forum so much now that I feel like I'm part of the family too
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I love TCS, too.
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