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Annoyed with neighbour

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I am annoyed with my neighbour,(friend) We have totally renovated the outside of our house, new siding, new windows and doors, I painted the trim and the front door red. I painted the cement part of the wall, below the siding, the same color as the siding. She came over with paint samples. she wants to use the same red as me. and paint her cement the same, her siding color is almost identical to mine. everything I do she copies, I wanted my house to be different than any other house on my street, I told her I wasn't happy about using the same colors, I hope she chooses something else.
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That would annoy me too. Wonder if that would affect the property value any? Maybe that would help her decide otherwise? Or maybe you could suggest something that compliments your color or something.
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Some people can't think for themselves. I was just telling someione today at work how a friend of mine would see something that i bought such as something to wear?, and she wasn't scared in saying that she was going to get the same at the weekend.

The biggest thing she and her husband did was to buy a newly built house like my husband and i. There was nothing wrong with the house they were in, but because ours was brand new she had to have one as well, only bigger!

I ended our friendship!
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maybe suggest another color that would be a good choice?
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One thing you will notice about any area is that there are painting trends. For example, if all the houses in the area are plain white, and someone paints theirs shocking pink and blue, eventually more and more houses in that area will take on the same colour scheme. Nothing much you can really do about that except to wait and let her paint her house the colour she wants, then go and paint yours something else. But be prepared to another house in the area to take on the same colour scheme as yours....and hers.
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She is painting her's blue, apparently she was telling another neighbour, she was copying my colors, my other neighbour told her. she thought it was kind of rude.
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Well, I'm glad she chose another color, but you should be flattered that she liked your house so much. It could be that she wanted a change but is clueless about things like that (like me) and your's looked so nice she wanted to do the same thing. Imitation is the best form of flattery, right?

That being said, I have a GORGEOUS winter coat I got on sale, 70% off. It was a steal, and I refuse to wear it. Why? Because when I bought it I didn't realize it is the exact same color and style my MIL has!
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Imitation is the best form of flattery.
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