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# of pets in community policies??

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Good afternoon!!

I've moved to Utah SAFELY with all 6 of my cats and we're doing GOOD! I am currently living in a rented 3 bedroom home for 6 months which will give me time to find a home to buy.

My question at this time is where do I find info online about communities and their policies on # of cats??

I've googled and typed in "pet policy in community", etc but no luck.. I KNOW some of you out there will know and will direct me in the right direction for this.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

I will post pics of my cats in their new home hopefully this weekend!
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you could call the animal control in different areas that you would like to live. They will be able to tell you how many are allowed. That is what DH and I done when we moved here.
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Do you have city councils over there? I can type in City of xxxx council and there's a website with all local info.

Or try googling, Utah pet limits. That brought up a few websites.
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When I worked for Animal Control, we rarely ever enforced the limit unless someone was hoarding or the animals were in a bad situation. I believe the limit on dogs was 4, but i can't remember what it was for cats.

That being said- a lot of our volunteers and foster homes had way more than that in their homes that lived within our city limits- and we would have never done anything because they took such good care of them. It depends on the situation. Usually, AC is too busy with other thing to worry over the allowed limit unless it's a special circumstance or the animals are in danger or being neglected. I would look up your areas rules concerning the limits -and see if you're within the boundaries - if not, see if you need to fill out some paperwork to get a permit for your number of animals. Most AC dpts (at least the one i used to work for) would be more than happy to grant you a permit so long as all of them are well cared for.
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Check to see if there is a city web page. A number of them use a URL similar to my city's web page (Louisville, CO). That is where I found all of the info regarding our policies.


ETA: Maybe this city will help
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I was living in Orem which had a 3 (or maybe 4?) pet policy, any combo of adult cats or dogs.
Had 6 cats and a dog, most places don't care unless you have hoarding conditions or nuisance animals.
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You can check with your local city/town hall, the County (if you live in the unincorporated areas), as well as your local Animal Control/Services. If all else fails, perhaps try the state or your local Farm/Agriculture Bureau.

For example - our city has an ordinance of 3 pets (dogs,cats) over the age of 4 months unless you are a breeder or a rescue org. but the neighboring city has an similiar ordinace but 6 cats or 3 dogs max over the age of 4 months. I haven't heard them enforcing it except in one case involving a hoarder.
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well, i looked EVERYWHERE... evidently Sanger doesn't have a limit!
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Ordinances vary depending on whether you are in a city/town limit and there may be different laws within a sub-division. If you aren't in a town proper, then you will need to know county ordinances. I've always contacted the city and county offices, and asked for sub-division by-laws before I buy a house.

To show you how it varies: My last home was outside of a town which had a 2 dog/2 cat limit, and no free roaming animals. The county had no restrictions but the subdivision had a restriction of 1 animal per acre. The person who wrote those by-laws had 5 dogs and countless barn cats. There was no animal control in the area.
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Our local humane society's website has links to the city ordinances in our county.

We have a 4-pet limit here. Any combo of cats and dogs, but no more than 4 total. Some of the neighboring cities are much more strict. It is enforced here by the rabies laws...Required by law to vaccinate, info is then sent to the county (by the vet), the county then sends it to the city, who sends you a notice for licensing (cats and dogs). So it's very much enforced on the good pet owners here. If you hoard and never see the vet, obviously it won't be enforced so I don't see the point of the limit.
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Originally Posted by littleraven7726 View Post
Required by law to vaccinate, info is then sent to the county (by the vet), the county then sends it to the city, who sends you a notice for licensing (cats and dogs). So it's very much enforced on the good pet owners here.
That's a really good point. I've also called the local vets to ask if they were required to submit rabies vaccination notification to the government. I've been over limit for so long that I'm a bit over cautious.
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When I was visiting our city animal shelter, I asked. We have no limits. So we added Talley to our house. I live in what is considered an affluent city, so they focus more on caring properly for your pets .
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This is very helpful as I knew it'd be! THANKS!!
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