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Vegetable Juice?

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Hey guys

My two kittens (well, they're almost a year but will always be little kittens to me ) got into a glass of vegetable juice that I had left on the table, and they really, really, really loved it. I mean, I've never seen them go that crazy over anything!

I've never really given them any sort of people food/drink, so I'm not sure if it'd be ok or anything... but would it be ok if I occasionally gave them a few drops of vegetable juice on a plate or something? They seem to love it so much that I think it'd be a nice treat when they're behaving. It's just regular vegetable juice, no added fruit juices or sugar-y stuff or anything.

Anyone know anything about this? Thanks
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If it's homemade, and largely green juice (I'm a green juicer myself), I would think it would be fine for them. They probably are digging the chlorophyll in the juice!
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No onion or garlic, sweetners or preservatives.
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Yes, make sure there is not onion or garlic!!!! Poison!
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