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Table Foods

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Do your cats eat table foods? DO you offer them table foods? I usually never do..on occasions I will give them pieces of meat or something like chicken or turkey, but other than that they mainly eat their cat food...my younger kitty though..omg, she is a little piglet..she will find anything on the floor and eat it..I have to vacuum twice daily or more so there are no crumbs left for her to eat...the other day I was feeding the little boy I babysit some oatmeal, had to go to the other room for a minute, and as soon as I got back, Fluffy is eating the rest of his oatmeal....silly girl...I told the vet how she eats anything and everything but she told me as long as her main food is her catfood she is ok....I am wondering which is her main food...
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Cooper and Jack love greenbeans and bread...

They go crazy for mac & cheese (they are allowed on teaspoon each!)

Jack is a little begger..... we are alway putting him on the floor (he likes to jump on the kitchen table)

Cooper has learned not to beg - anymore! (we usually give them something!)
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None of my cat's beg at the table,when they were little we tought[sp them to wait intill we were through,and they would get a ]piece,Cheyanne my first Siamese cat sits on Ted's lap while he eat's but she know's she can not bring up her head intill he put's his hand down.And give's her a piece on meat, { yes she is spoiled )Right now I am giving my 4 week old kittens cooked chicken and can food.
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Binky mooches a snack every now and then. Her current favorite is ham. She all so eats the crumbs and junk off the floor. She is a little vaccume cleaner. She gets diarhhea on and off and its got to be from all the junk she picks up.
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Shamie & Pickles, my tabbies, get a sausage every now & then, or if one of my kids doesn't eat all their meat, then I'll put it in the cat's dishes.
Maddie, our siamese, won't eat any of our cooked meat, but if we drop some mince or something before cooking it, then she'll be right there, gobbling it up.
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Until we adopted Romeo, I could boast that all our cats had perfect table manners. He is one determined cat when there is chicken to be had. I refuse to put him out of the room when we are eating, because IMHO that won't teach him table manners. I will teach him to behave, no matter what his previous owners let him get away with.

That being said, we occasionally will give the kitties cooked chicken. Blondie also loves corn, and will do everything he can to look as cute as possible whenever we have some, in order to get some.
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I often cook extra meat or fish for the cat, but don't normally give him table food, though sometimes I weaken and give him mashed potatoes, because he loves them. He goes out of his mind over mushrooms in any form, which I give him, and is very adept at stealing cake (especially Black Forest cake made by his "Oma", which is German for "grandma") and hardboiled eggs. He gets up on the kitchen table or counter when I dye Easter eggs and let them cool, and pushes them to the floor so that the shells break and he can eat them. My sister has a cat that steals the kids' bananas, and shares their cereal as soon as you turn your back. Her other cat isn't interested in "people food", but will eat the dogs' food. It's hysterical to see a 5-lb. cat chase a Great Dane away from his food. She has to be locked in a bedroom with a bowl of cat food so that the dogs can eat in peace and she gets the necessary nutrients. Nobody can leave a coffee cup unattended at my parents' house - their current cat is addicted to the stuff - black, with cream and/or sugar or artificial sweetener-, and will even lick out empty cups. One of their dogs is crazy about peppermints.
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My cats love Kraft Dinner! I let them have the leftovers. When I am cooking chicken or turkey, I offer them the neck bones. I also give them the livers and hearts. They getting spoiled. Vader and Mimi french fries. If I leave them out they're hot on the fry trail looking for them! Rascal enjoys Alphagetti and anything with tomato in it!
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This is too funny! I thought it was only my mother's cat, Cleo! That cat eats ANYTHING my mother eats. It is unreal! Salad dressing? No problem! Potato chips? SURE! Not that my mother actually GIVES them to her, but if you leave it out for any given moment, the cats finds her way to it.
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