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Kitty and Benadryl

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Alrighty, so now that I have to give my cat benadryl for her allergy problem I feel like shes going to start hating me. Last night when I got some at the store I came home and gave it to her and tried to give her a treat afterwards and she didn't want anything to do with me . But after about 30 minutes she gladly wanted the treat. I hope it isn't going to be like this every time or that she will not want anything to do with me at all. Anyone have any experience with this or suggestions so my kitty will still love me after I give her a piece of a pill?
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Pill pockets!

I also give Abby a pill for allergies and now she begs for it because she loves the pill pockets.
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where can I get these pill pockets at? Do stores like Petsmart/Petco have them? Sounds like a great idea.

Edited to say I'm retarded and asked the question before googling them. Looks like they're made by Greenies. My cat likes the Greenies dental treats so maybe she'll like those. I have to hide the bag from her or she'll try to chew through it to get to them. It's the same with catfood. She wants the food in the bag more than the food I poured out of the bag and put into her bowl so I had to start putting it in a rubbermaid container so she can't get to it haha.
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tried the pill pockets, but unfortunately she took it and had it in her mouth and then spit it out. I guess she tasted the pill . I will try them again tomorrow. Otherwise, tonight, I had to do it the hard way and she did not appreciate it.
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I wonder if the pill would lose any of its effectiveness if you mash it up, melt it in water and syringe it into her mouth? Liquids seem to go down easier... If there's less of a taste she may not hate you as much?
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Well one of the problems I'm having is her excessively drooling as soon as she tastes the pill on her tounge when I stick it in. It would be so much easier if I didn't have to deal with that. Apparently cats react to benadryl like that because it's bitter tasting to them. I found that on a Google search. So I don't know if mashing it up and diluting it would help :-/
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For pills, I always put them in a gelcap. It completely masks the taste. Make sure you follow a pill with either food or a syringe of water to ensure that it doesn't get stuck in the esophagus.
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I'm going to make a suggestion here. We've used the pill pockets for Drontil (which I believe is nasty tasting) and just recently for Clavamox for Bijou after his abscess surgery.

I've personally found that putting the whole pill in the pill pocket doesn't do the trick because the piece is then too big and they have to "chew" which then gets them into the pill so they can taste it. I cut the pill into quarters, then I put 1/4 in 1/2 pill pocket - that way the treat is smaller and there is also more tasty pill pocket covering the pill and odds are they'll just swallow it without even biting into it. Toward the end, Bijou would sit and wait for me to give him the pills. At one point he actually grabbed 3 pieces at once and swallowed them.
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My cat won't even eat the pill pockets without anything in them. So I don't know what I'm going to do with them now. For some reason she doesn't like them, she turns her nose up at it. I did however just now successfully get a pill in her finally without any drooling side effects of Benadryl. I took little pieces of a slice of cheddar cheese and packed it around the pill portion (not much just enough to cover the quarter of a pill of benadryl) and then got her to swallow it the old fashioned way. No drooling and she isn't acting like she hates me. YAY!!!!
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