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Daily Thread TGIF July 11th

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Morning cat folks!

Josh is coming today!! We were supposed to go to a friends cottage for the weekend, but now we are not so I am kinda bummed. Oh well, we just hang out and do nothing for all I care

Its going to be hot with thunderstorms today...tomorrow sunny and hot!

I hope you all have a great weekend!
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Thanks!! I am going to my best friends wedding reception tonight! So excited!

It's POURING here. I hope it clears up by tonight, but even if it doesn't that's ok cause it's indoors!
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Morning All!!!!

Cloudy but not raining here yet..

Feeling pretty rough this morning am fighting a summer cold that so far seems to be winning..

Heading off to work for a bit but intend to sneak out early if I can.

Nothing planned for afterwards just home and rest.

The kitties are annoyed with me this morning apparently my coughing kept them up all night so they have now taken over my bed and are making up for lost time..

Everyone have a good day
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Its raining currently. I went to a clients house earlier than normal trying to get stuff done before the rain-well I was only there a bit longer than a half hour before it started. Oh well.

So I'm tired from the garden event-I'll do another post.

With the rain all cats are in and sleeping perhaps I will do some shopping for my sister birthday presents. Its supposed to reach mid 80's and humid later but still in upper 60's right now.

Have a good one!!
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Good morning/nearly afternoon

I'm beat today. DH and I were arguing last night about the living situation How much I HATE it, and how he doesn't want to throw away money so that's where we stay for now. Then the homebuilders have me tearing my hair out. By 7:45am, I was seething because of them and their aggravating actions and requests!!! I might just have to make a rant thread for that!

So glad it's payday Friday though! Definitely going to relax this weekend. Already done with my water samples at work, so I just have my soils and I'm done for the day. I'll probably leave around 4pm, even though I'd love to leave earlier. Gotta get my 40 in, since I really don't want to come in and kill time tomorrow (though OT is nice).

Should be another hot and muggy day. What else would you expect in SC?! Now hopefully I won't have another tire blowout today!
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Happy Friday to all!!

Bit cooler today than it has been, but the news says it should still get pretty warm. We shall see!

If my allergies are any indiciation, the smoke is bad in the air today. Good news is that my period is lightening up, so in that way I'm feeling better than yesterday!

I have a very, very busy day at work today. I may have to send my carpooler home with out me... Have my husband pick me up as he goes home...

Kitties are all good! The X-Pack for some reason was really clingy this morning. Evie wanted something, but she didn't know what! She came for her morning cuddles, but was very restless. She had fresh food, fresh water, running water from the tap (a favorite of hers!), an open window to look out, and didn't want to play... So she didn't know what she wanted! With the way all the cats were acting, I wonder if an earthquake is on the way! But they are cuties.

Everyone enjoy the weekend!
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I have to work 3-9:30 tonight. I don't feel like working, my stomach doesn't feel the best today.
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Hey peeps!

Thank God it's Friday! I can have a nice lie-in 2moro

The weather today is rubbish. It has been around 14 D.C and windy, wet and cold.

Went shopping with my mom today and the gym, and then later came home and gave the rabbit her antibiotic thingies for her water infection and gave Mitzi her Frontline stuff

Btw she doesn't have fleas!!

Right now she's a-kippin' on the bed, again.

Enjoy the rest of your day, peeps!
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happy Friday to everyone!! Im getting ready to head into work til 11pm tonight then same thing tomorrow but then I have Sunday off!!! I cant complain too much though I had Wednesday off for mine and DH 2yr wedding anniversary! Everyone have a great day and an even better weekend!
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I'm off work for the second day in a row because of a sinus infection. With the weird weather we've been having I've been taking sinus pills and allergy pills to keep my nose from running at work and apparently that keeps my nose from running, but keeps everything stuck in my head. It's a catch 22. But, at least I have a doctor's note so work shouldn't hold it against me. I'm taking antibiotics now (which I hate!) and I'm just getting to the point that I can bend over and not feel like my head is splitting open. Plus I'm getting very...ummm..."colorful" stuff out of my head now which is a good thing.

Besides that, I also have cramps from Aunt Flo so I'm basically miserable. It's gorgeous and sunny here, but I don't have the energy to enjoy it. I do have to go to the market later and pay for a new engine for my car ($500). I just want to lay back down and go to sleep though!

Ok, done complaining now!
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