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Cat illness question!

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I was on a wedding related website and someone posted something about their cat. I thought I would bring it here to see what you experts have to say about it!

I wanted to get some info from a vet other than my own. This weekend I took my 2 1/2 year old kitty to the vet because he was acting very lethargic and hadn't eaten since Wed. night, which he then threw up Thurs. night. He was diagnosed w/ fatty lipidosis liver disease and he has jaundice. I took him in Sat. morning, and sice then they have had him on an i.v. Last night I went to visit and although he would not eat moist food, he would eat about 6-10 small pieces of dry food. The vet said that he thought that he had eaten earlier in the day as well. In his litter box, it looked like he had peed cause the paper was yellow, although the vet did not confirm that. What I want to know, what usually happens in cases like this? The Dr. said (though he did say it was to early to tell yet) that he may not make it, that cats in his situation do die from this, but that also, some do live. On the positive side, should he make it through this, what usually happens after he goes home? I read that we may have to force feed him thru a tube. Also, what steps should I expect while he is at the vets? (sorry so long!!)

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This really needs a BUMP! Please help if you know anything!
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Carrie, if you haven't already done this, try sending a PM to Hissy. She very knowledgeable and have some good advice for this cats owner.
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Carrie, I'll move this to the Health & Nutrition forum. Some of the most knowledgable people tend to just spend time there, where they can help the most, and don't check the lounge.
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Without seeing the cat and the lab results it is hard for someone to give you any type of outcome. Fatty Liver Disease is very serious, make no mistake about that. It occurs when a cat suddenly stops eating, or a obese cat is put on a diet without a vet regulating it. It depends on the cat, and how much will it has and how old it is, and how far along the disease has advanced. The cat is in the best possible place, at the vet's where it can be watched and monitored.
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Hi! This is actually my kitty. I am new to the board. I learned about it yesterday when Carrie sent me a message.

We don't really have any new info on him. Last night I went to see him and they said the last time he had eaten was Sunday night when we were there.

They are focusing on getting him to use his litter box. He has peed, but nothing else. They also said that they had given him some kitty laxatives and maybe that would get his bowels moving around.

They also said that they wanted to get rid of the jaundice that he has, although I have been told that jaundice takes awhile to get rid of.

So right now, we are just hoping for the best!!

Also, any help anyone else has would be great!!

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Jessica - I can't offer help or advice, but I'd like to say that I hope you kitty has the strength to pull through. Good luck, he's very lucky to have such a caring owner.
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Good luck Jessica! I will be sending up prayers for your kitty to pull through this.
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I just went through this with my cat Snoopy,this is what she had as well. If your cat does throw up again try and get a sample for the vet, they appreciate that as it makes a diagnosis/prognosis easier, If yer cat starts throwing up green foamy bile that is a BAD sign!! Green foamy fluid is the raw bile from the liver.

Jaundice is a serious condition in cats,watch out for your cat developing sudden wobbliness and a sudden loss of the use of the back legs. That is an indication your cat has suffered encephalitis brought on by the jaundice.

If the disease progresses the urine will be a bright yellow sorta like Tweety Bird Yellow.

As was said earlier this is a serious medical problem and like me you will have some hard choices to make in the next few days.

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do you have any news about your baby? Is there any progress? Sending positive vibes! Oh, Welcome to the site!
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Hello! The latest news on Milo is that he does have his feeding tube in. They put it in Wednesday afternoon. The Dr. said that he will probably get to go home today (although he hasn't called yet)

He is handling it real well. He is acting alot better than he was a couple days ago. He was real depressed, but not so much anymore. He is getting used to his tube, but he is a rubber, so you never know when he is going to pop that cap off the tube!!

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I am sooo glad that he gets to come home!!! Really, I think that is a pretty good thing, don't you? And if he is also getting nutriants (even if it is by a tube), that would make me feel better, as well!

I certainly can imagine that he would be depressed. When Ashley was sick a few years ago (VERY VERY bad Upper Respitory), she was not happy, was very obvious, but I would think that would be 'normal' for anyone that is sick and not feeling well!

Keep us posted, ok? And you have my email address still!
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I kinda wished I had the $$$ for Snoopy cuz the vet said doing what you guys are doing would have saved my Snoopy possibly.

Glad to hear yer cat is faring better
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Milo Update:

He did get to come last Sat. We are now feeding him 30ml of a/d through a tube 4 times a day, we have to give him 30ml of water 6 times a day, and 2 different meds.

I took him to the vet yesterday for his follow-up and the Dr. said he was doing great. Today however, the little stinker pulled his tube out, and now he is back at the vets getting it put back in.

Otherwise, everything is well!!

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Jessica that is wonderful!!!
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Here is the latest Milo news:

On Wed. he pulled his tube out, so I had to rush him into the vet's office to get that put back in, and they said he would have to be there overnight. On Thursday, I called to find out when I could pick him up, and they gave me great news: Milo does not need his tube anymore!!

So of course I ran up there right away to get him. When I got into the room while they got him, the vet came in and said that he has never seen a cat with liver disease recover in 5 days, he should have had that tube in for at least 3 weeks!!

One thing I did differently, and maybe this helped, was I put Milk Thistle in with his food. I've read really good reviews about it, and I am hoping that had an effect on him.

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Jessy, I'm really glad to hear that Milo is doing better. I hope you have a nice Easter, and that he continues to recuperate!
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I love when updates are good! Yay!! I'm glad Milo is feeling better.
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If you want, you can e-mail me. I had a cat with two kinds of liver problems who had a feeding tube put in. I can't remember if my e-mail address is somewhere on this site. If it isn't I'll just post it in this thread if you want to talk to me about it. Good luck.
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Check yer PM box! Jessy
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