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Kitten Poop

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Sometimes when my kitten poops, there is still some poop left on its butt so when it walks around, some of it smudges on stuff. Today when I tried picking it up, I had a little bit of poop on my hand ( a very minute smear). Is this normal? Also, when it poops, the poop isn't really 1 long solid mass but kind of mushy brown. It used to be a solid mass a about a week ago. The diet has not changed much except the fact that my kitten now eats alot of the dry food I lat out all day for her instead of mostly the wet food I give out twice a day.
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It could be the onset of diarrhea. You should probably control his dry food intake until his stools harden. If the condition worsens, you may have to check with your vet.
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I've noticed that recently my kitten's poop is mushy and cannot hold a solid form anymore. I have not dewormed it yet and I'm currently discussing the de worming issue in the Kittens and Pregnant Cats care forum. Do you guys think its because of not de worming it or because it has been consuming more dry food than wet food recently.
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In my experience, if there are worms, the cat will lose weight even if eating well, there's diarrhea, continuous licking of the anal area, and the obvious signs of worm and worm eggs in the feces/vomit. In kittens, a pot belly may also be a sign.
Your vet will tell you if the kitten's dry food is suitable and whether the runny stools are due to worms or the diet or something else.
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Could be the change in diet , keep a close eye on your little feline friend and monitor it,
Jess x
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