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what is wrong with people!!!

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I just called my vet to get lilly her appointment and they don't have any opening until MAY!!!!! And she has to be updated on all her shots before they will fix her so she has to have a normal appoinment!!!! HELLO!!!! She isn't a house cat !!!!!!!! I'm spitting nails!!! I called a few other places and they are booked too. Its nice that people are all getting the pets fixed but what am i supposed to do. So now i'm going to do some online research and see if there are any vets around me that speicalize and understand feral animals!
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Tell us what area, and maybe we can help look for a god vet for you

Good luck. Keep checking in in case they have cancellations.
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Blimey! I've never heard of vets being that booked up before!! Maybe it's different in England, but if I can always get my pets booked in for the same week
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I have never heard of that either...just call around and see if you can find someone else to take a look at her.....Good Luck and let us know!
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It took me 3 weeks to get Georgia in for spaying. I could have gotten her in a little sooner with a different vet, but since she never went outside, it didn't matter quite so much.
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I talked to my hubby and he wants to me to make the appointment. He said we are always going to have a cat to fix so even if we can find a sooner one for lilly we should get that one too. So i guess i'll call back and see if i can make it for A CAT. Hopefully she isn't pregant already. I'm going to have to mark down when that big black kitty was chasing her and keep a close eye on her. What a mess!!
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what a fight!! they didn't want to give me an appointment at all!! So i explained to them that I have three kittens, and and pregant mother and i'm planing ot get them all fixed...if they want to me to take my business else where I can!!!

So anywho, Lilly has an appointment on May 1st at 5:30 and she is getting fixed may 2nd...provided she is not pregnant, everyoen seems to be booked!!.... So snowwhite should have had her kittens by then and she should be in the "kitty room" with out the crate...

And ashton has an appointment on May 8th and is getting fixed on May 9th.
So everyone send me no pregnant kitty vibes. If she ends up pregant I guess I can bring sherbert in on the 1st, i mean a cat is a cat...

Thennnn i have to start working on snowwhite and the new batch kittens.

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That's too bad it takes so long. I've never had to wait more than a day or two. Maybe it's just the area I live in. Sending you "not pregnant" vibes. Good luck.
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What a real pain! Too bad
In northern Virginia it's almost alwasy like that, if you want a really good vet, even the nickle spay clinic can take a while, or they have a designated time that they will bring hordes of cats in on one day. I had to wait about 3 months at a few places to get isha fixed. Lucky I found some random one a couple towns over who could do it in 3 weeks, and that was the earliest.
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Your story sounds like a real head ache!

I must try and look at the brighter side, though - as you said, its good people are taking such good care of their pets. And being that time of the year (the re-production time...), probably many people wanna have their cats fixed, like NOW!

Is it a bad sign that here you I can see a vet in a day, if I want?

I have the best vet in the world, though! I have sent many friends to him. Once, my friend's cat fell of the 4th floor, and when she hit the ground, a bunch of cats attacked her, and she was in a really bad shape. This was at 2am, and the vet didn't even think twice - he jumped in the car, and was there in 10 minutes, and even operated on her that night. My friend still thanks me for introducing them every time she gets a chance And he even gave her a discount on the treatment (otherwise she would have to take a mortgage )
Just a good hearted human being.

But Im distracted... Princess - I'm glad you at least got those appointements. I hope your cat won't be pregnant by then. Keeping my fingers crossed!
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Sending "not pregnant" vibes your way!! I'm glad you at least got those appointments, who knows, maybe you'll find a vet who is available sooner! Good luck!
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I would keep those appointments scheduled, but definitely call around and see if there are other vets in your area that can do the spay sooner. You never know, you might find a great vet that you otherwise wouldn't have known about! Also, try calling rescues or the SPCA for a recommendation for a vet who works with ferals. Just a couple of ideas. The last thing you need is two pregnant cats. I am sending Lilly-don't-get-pregnant vibes your way.
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i can't even imagine if lilly got pregant. She is so little!! I'm keep trying to figure out how old they are. I remember seeing them in late november for one of the first times I think. So if they were around two months old then I guess they would be around six monthes old now Hopefully she didn't go into heat yet!! Lets just hope she is a late bloomer!
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Ugh! I do hope she doesn't get pregnant and that everything works out for you and your precious furbabies. You and your s/o are such angels for caring for them and giving them so much love and concern.

I'll be sending 'non-pregnant' vibes your way
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