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Kitten in Chicago

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OK. I have almost no info to go on here as to the location, age of cat, anything. BUT, a lady my house mate works with has found a kitten, probably feral. She is leavng food & water out, but wont take it in because she just bought new furnature and is afraid of it getting ruined. I told him (house mate) to give me her phone # and location, this will be done tomorrow, so I can talk with her and get more info. Does anyne know anywhere I can contact in the Chicago area that deals with strays and ferals in a way to not end up with, well, Im not letting my mind go there.
I hope to have more details to go on tomorrow, but would like to get the ball rolling with some possible contacts.
I can't take in the kitten, due to living situations and finances, I wish I could!
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No new info to add now, except there are multiple kittens. I dont know how many she has not called me yet and my house mate is not the brightest bulb in the pack so didn't ask her anything. She asked him how many kittens he wants???? I am just venting I guess now.
Please, is there anyone who can lead me to a rescue agency in the Chicago area?
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Yes Contact the Lurie Family Spay and Neuter Clinic

Feral Cats, they Spay & Neuter them for Free, Snip a small bit off the tip of the right ear ( so that when they are released, it is known that they are an already altered Feral Cat )

This link explains the process & the whys etc.

Hope this helps.
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Thank you, I will check the link. I know all the why's and what for of TNR, just never been faced with it. If I could foster the kittens I would, but right now that is not an option for me. I am moving out of state at the end of Aug., and at present the living situation is strained to put it mild. I want to help, espcially as its been quite stormy here, and hot and humid. I guess I have to wait to talk to the lady in quesion. Its just very frustrating.
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Hi Trillcat:

Sorry, haven't been online much as we're in the process of moving.

I looked up zip code 60613 where my MIL lives, and found 13 pages of rescue orgs listed, so rather than posting them here, I think it's best if you figure out which ones would be best to contact first. Some of them are dog rescues, but at least this is a starting place.

Here's the link - just type in your zip code in the upper left hand corner:

If you're not able to find any help through, then try Alley Cat Allies. They no longer list the TNR orgs, you have to contact them for the network of Feral Friends in the area. This should include orgs in your area where people are willing to TNR. It's more difficult in remote areas, but I would expect that in Chicago you'll find help. The link to the Alley Cat Allies Feral Friends contact sheet is: Fill out the form and they automatically e-mail you back.

If both of the above fail you, then try the Best Friends Network. The best and quickest thing to do there is to just e-mail them, explain the situation, and you'll hear back from them. The e-mail is

Because you're worried about them staying alive, do make sure you find out - even from "no kill shelters" what their policy re: ferals is. Many "no kill" shelters mean they don't kill adoptable animals, and feral kittens are often deemed "not adoptable." Just a heads up, in case you weren't familiar with this already. Hate for you to learn too late.

Of course, the hardest problem is finding a place that will both trap AND foster/adopt out. If you can find a foster org with someone willing to foster, something to consider is doing the trapping. Many rescue orgs will loan a trap, some rent them - some require a deposit that you get back when you return the trap.

that you find a way to help these kitties!

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I was writing while you posted. First of all, I really hope your move goes well! But sounds like time for trapping could be a problem. Hope Lore's more specific links help!

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A small update.
I finally talked to the lady. The kitens were brought to her by her daugher. They are living on her balcony at present, with food and water and shelter. She gueses them to be about 2-3 months old. So now what? how do we go about finding these little ones homes? Im usually the one taking in all the lost ones, not finding them homes!
I going to call her up tomorrow and chat with her some more to get more info. I am going to give her the link to this site ad I hope she will post, just easier than me being a go between.
I wish I could take them in, but I can't right now,
2 cats already, in a one bedroom apt. They have to stay in the bedroom when the homemaker comes over because she is afraid of cats, so no where to isolate anyone from eachother. Can barely afford to feed the ones here now. I am moving at the end of Augest and do not trust my room mate to look after them properly when I leave (I live with a friend--NOT a romantic friend-- and his diabled mother, whoLe other story for another thread, lol) And no, the whole kitty crew cant come with me, as it is I can only bring my Ginger with me, her sister is staying here with him (again, its a long story) and that breaks my heart as it is, I don't want to get attached two 2 more, and just babies at that, and then have to leave.
Gosh, Im starting to cry and I have never even met these cats!
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You sound upset and rightfully so. I can't imagine having to leave a kitty behind. Is there no other way?
Perhaps you should think about volunteering at a shelter. This way you can help loads of kitties and be with them as much as you want.
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Originally Posted by CC12 View Post
You sound upset and rightfully so. I can't imagine having to leave a kitty behind. Is there no other way?
Perhaps you should think about volunteering at a shelter. This way you can help loads of kitties and be with them as much as you want.
No, there is no way for me to bring Cindy with. She is actually my room mates cat, I just have gotten to know her and bond with her so much I think of her as "mine"
My Dad, who I will be staying with till I get settled in Wisconsin, is not thrilled with me bringing one cat, so even if I could talk my room mate into letting me bring both (which he won't do, I have asked) it wouldn't go over with him.
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Talked to the lady again today. The kittens were given to her daughter by a friend of a friend whos cat had kittens. She (the lady) gave them back because she could not keep them. So, that ends this. If I did not have about a million other things to do I would try to get further into this, but it is not possible for me right now. Hope the kitties will all be OK.
I gave her this web address, told her to call shelters in the area and find out their policies, go to them and see with her eyes how they are run. I don't think any of that will happen, but I did all I can do.
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