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What a *Beep*

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My mom went to my Aunts today.. well on her way home (its an hrs drive) a couple miles away from my aunts my mom spotted a teeny kitty running across the road in the middle of nowhere.. so she picked her up and brought her home. The moment I saw that kitten I said "AnnaBell".. you wont believe this but that kitten belonged to my aunt.. who gave the kitten to a lady who wanted all of them.. and my aunt gave all 4 kittens to the lady. Now.. why was the kitten found on the side of the road? we have no clue but my Aunt is gonna go up and talk to the lady and se what happened and were gonna keep the kitten, now known as Chancy.

The pic I took while at my Aunts last Wk (Tabby and White)...

The Kitten we have....

Bonnie checking out the new kitty...

Im so mad that this happened!!
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Well, I would wait until your aunt talks to the lady before making any conclusions. One hyperactive kitten is a handful and I can imagine what would be like with four (so cute!) Maybe the little runaway wandered off on her own.
Chancey is adorable.
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Please take care of these adorable kitties and make sure they're okay. Good job finding Clancy. Keep us posted.
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I know how upset you must feel. Especially not knowing why in the world a kitten that small was wandering around alone. I hope the others are ok.
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I hope the others are ok!
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I think shes Deaf.... Chancey I mean. I snuck up behind her and made a loud noise and she didnt even flinched or prick an ear.... then I clapped behind her head as hard as I could and she didnt flinch or anything again. I did the same clappy thing to Stormy and She jumped around, looked at me then ran away...
Could Chancey be Deaf??

Chancey is such a lil pig! and shes an aggressive eater... She bit me!!! I was trying to get a piece of food away from her that she wasnt suppose to have and she bit my finger so hard that she broke the skin!! lol my fault though

You wanna know something funny... my Aunt is also in the Fault for 2 reasons..
1: for giving 4 kittens away to 1 person she barely knew, and 2: for giving the kittens away when there only 4-5wks old!
Chancey still has Blue eyes (along with her other siblings when I checked last wk)... how old are Kittens when they loose the Blue in there eyes? and shes uber tiny and barely eating hard food (we have to buy her canned food).
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What a cutie! It's possible that she scooted out the door. Let your aunt talk to her before making conclusions, as someone else also suggested.

The kitten is a sweetheart that's for sure!
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Has Chancey been checked over by the vet yet? If she is not responding to sound, then maybe she has a blockage in her ears or something....get her seen to just in case...hopefully everything will be alright!
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Idk.. this kitten was quite aways away from where she was supose to be.

No she hasnt been checked by the vet, the vet just visited a couple days ago. So my moms gotta make another appointment, that will happen when we are ready to get Papa (my sister cat that were taking care of) fixed.
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