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Belly rub

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My cat loves her belly rubbed sometimes. Does anyone elses? She rolls over and turns her head up side down..its so funny.
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Mine don't care if you rub their tummies, but 2 of the 4 will get overstimulated and bit or scratch. If they roll over and ask for a tummy rub, I am still a little leery of them. I have had several cats that lived for tummy rubs.
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Cindy is the one for tummy rubs. After general body scritches, she'll flop over on her side, and when I start rubbing her side, she pulls the upper hind leg up over my arm and traps my hand on her belly for rubs. If I dare remove my hand and try to stroke her side, up comes the leg again and then both hind legs clamp around my arm. I think she knows what she wants.
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Lots of cats do, it's a sign of trust.
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Thanks i didn't know that.
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Kuce loves her belly rubbed. Lil' Jag will on occassion but not for to long. Luvbug though - he doesn't like it though I try. (I think he might have had issues before we adopted him.)
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I have a few of them that love belly rubs. I have two of them that as soon as I come in from work they both drop down for belly rubs, problem is they are on opposite sides of the room, and look at me like "why are you rubbing her belly when mine is over here". So I back and forth to each one and I always tell them "I'm not Stretch Armstrong you know.
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Originally Posted by maryjane76 View Post
My cat loves her belly rubbed sometimes. Does anyone elses? She rolls over and turns her head up side down..its so funny.
Smidge does the roll and head thrown back thing CONSTANTLY
It is her "demand" for me to drop everything and give her chin scratchies pronto.

SHe thinks 30 minutes at a time scratchies is not enough.




She says
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Most cats I know will roll over on their backs and seem to ask for one, but touch them there and you'll get clawed and bitten.

Case in point.
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Mine all love belly rubs, they climb onto my lap or next to me on the couch and flip over looking up at me adoringly until I rub their tummy

Demetri likes to hold my hand with his paws and lick me while I rub his belly.
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My kitty Ginger is an upside down sleeper. I must pet the belly! She wanted no part of that.
It is a sign of trust, half the time I drew back a bleeding arm. Now, after working with her for a while I can not only pet the belly, but blow rasberries on it! Yea, she looks at me like I have lost my mind, but I get to mess with the belly, and she purrs and purrs!
Now for her feet...........
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When Delilah's comfy and relaxed, you even look at her from across the room and she flops over onto her back. She then looks at you until you walk all they way across the room to give her a tummy rub.

She's in heat at the moment (not even 5 months old...getting spayed asap) and I'm pretty sure she'd let me rub her belly all day.

Belle's more of a snuggler, but she does sometimes roll over for a rub!
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My guy Grigio rolls over, and although he accepts belly rubs what he really loves are neck scratches and rubs--and he's insatiable. If it's a sign of trust in cats, I guess he trusts everyone because he lets almost anyone who visits give him rubs! I adopted him just a little more than a month ago (he's 5), but he's the most sociable cat I've ever met. Yesterday, my landscaper came by to be paid, and I talked to him out on the sun porch with the door to the house closed. When the landscaper left, and I went back inside, Grigio rushed out to the porch and seemed so sad that the visitor was gone--he just loves people--or the attention they give him!
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