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self vaccinating cats?

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Does anyone do this? Is it easy to do (ie easy to not screw up?).. I just payed $40 at the vet to have a leukemia shot and am not happy. Especially if I ever trap the other ferals around, there's no way I can pay this much for a vet visit for one shot.. Do they sell all the vaccinations or just some of them?

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I vaccinate mine at home, because with this many cats, I would be in the poorhouse if they all had to get their shots from the vet! It's not that hard to do, in my opinion the hardest part is the looks you get for an hour or so afterwards from the kitties. (Mom, how could you?!?)

I buy the 4-in-1 vaccines from www.drsfostersmith.com and they do come with instructions. However, I am a registered nurse and not a stranger to giving injections, so you might want another opinion before making a choice.

I believe in PA the only vaccine you can't give to your cats is rabies, that must be vet-administered for legal reasons. The Drs Foster and Smith website sells cat 3-in-1, 4-in-1 and 5-in-1, as well as Feline Leuk and FIP vaccines.
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I would say if properly taught by a vet- you can give your own injections. I do for my bigger animals, just not my cats for my own personal reasons.
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I have not ever done it yet, but I have seen it done many times, and people keep trying to get me to do it myself but I chicken out, at least until I see it done a few more times, lol.

I've had vets try to teach me and other rescuers who were trained by vets how to do it.

It can be a good thing, specially money wise! Good luck! I know a lot of people order off that doctorfosters site.
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