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Hill's Prescription C/D Question

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Hi again! It's me again! My little 9 week old kitten has been mostly refusing her own non-Rx food since she quit the formula around 4-5 weeks, so I've been fighting with her to keep her out of BooBoo's (10-11 year old, Perineal Urethrostomy, I believe it's called) dry C/D. She won't have anything to do with any wet food whatsoever so that's not a problem. I asked my vet at the last visit with BooBoo about the kitten eating the C/D food and he said it was fine. I asked him one more time if he was sure about that, and he smiled and said yes, it would just be more expensive for me (that's the truth!) I am tired of trying to keep them out of each other's food and have researched and tried different, but she loves his food. She'll even abandoned attempts at getting human food for his food! Keep in mind this would be her exclusive food. Does anyone else here know for sure it's alright? I do not expressly distrust my vet, but I would like others opinions here just to satisfy that nagging worry. Thanks!
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I cant answer this one ... it used to be a general rule DO NOT feed RX to the other animals but some vets and some documents say it is okay
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I have problem with my Cats also. Your Kitten needs to eat Kitten food because it has vitamins and stuff taht is good for Kittens. My Cats have got into Cocos C/D so when they are out here I remove her dish and if she wants food i put it next to me. She has also tried to eat the other Cats food which is in another room. I do not think it is good for a Kitten to eat only C/D.
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