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Another movie thread: "Disturbia"

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So I'm adding a movie thread now haha

So late last night I'm flipping through the digital tv guide basically for something to fall asleep to that wasn't SportsCenter (I watch that show like a million times a day thanks to nothing else being on the 79462784256 channels we have)... I came across "Disturbia" on one of the HBOs and I knew it was a "scary" movie but figured I'd fall asleep while they were still building up the basic plot.... boy was I wrong haha

There it was 2am and I'm GLUED to this movie! Now here's the thing: I'm ok watching scary movies while they're playing and then regret it afterwards HAHA and of course, I was in the dark, alone (except for Ollie who was out cold next to me)and in bed. After it was over, I kinda had to pee but was scared to open my door into the dark hallway!

I wouldn't say it was the most innovative and awesome new story ever, but it sure reeled me in! Also got me thinking just how crazy I'd go not being able to leave my house due to house arrest lol

So who else has seen it and what are your thoughts?
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I thought it was OK
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I saw it last year sometime. I thought it was good! Love Shia Leboeuf. ;-)
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I saw it when it first came out on dvd. It was pretty good.
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I really liked this movie. It wasn't like the normal killer-type movie.
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I really liked this movie too! I will admit the story line wasn't the greatest, but the movie was still great! I LOVE Lebouef!!!
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Yeah like it wasn't the most intriguing story, but it had me literally biting my nails (good thing I'm actually wanting to remove my acrylics haha) wondering what was gonna happen next! Although some things, like the cop biting the big one towards the end were predictable

And through the whole movie I kept connecting "Mr. Tuner" with Tobin Bell - the guy that plays "Jigsaw/John" in the Saw movies - even though it wasn't him, he just made me think of him

I freaked out though when Mr. Turner like takes over Ashley's car (being a single 24 year old woman myself, that was like an "OMG that could happen!" moment) I was almost screaming "Why did you stop?! Just keep driving!" haha
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