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well I bought some of that new febreze allergen reducer stuff....

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It doesn't really smell like anything! It has a very very light clean smell. So we will have to see if it helps dh and I with our little bit of kitty allergies. It is approved by the aspca as being safe to use around cats and dogs so that is a plue. and it has the good housekeeping promise on it. And it's reconmend by the asthma and allergy foundation of america. So it must do something :LOL: I'l let ya know how i like it!
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Oh boy! If that stuff works (and I will be watching for a post on it! )--then my sister can come back over here to visit again! She has so many allergies--cats being a big one for her!
Thanks so much for posting about this!
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Keep us posted . . . my dad's allergic, so I'll probably get some for the new apartment if it works!! *Would that work with pollen?!?!?! (Light bulb goes on over my head.)
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How much does this stuff cost btw? I think febreeze is already expensive enough! =p
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Hpoe it works for you!
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I don't think it was too much. The same price and normal febreeze. I bought it at walmart. Since it is new i'm sure there are going to be tons of coupons for it.
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I looked for it at the store yesterday and didn't see it, but will check at Walmart later in the week. Neither of us is allergic, but with 11 cats, there is a lot of dander to go around, and I am sure it would only make things better to try this.
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Is it something your just suppose to spray in the air? Or on surfaces like chairs and cat trees, etc?

I'm quiet interested in it, even though it is frebreeze, maybe some day when I don't have a bird. At the very least I suppose I could spray down our fabric computer chairs, bed and our their cat tree's which are far away from the bird. My fiance is still midly allergic but he has a sister and brother who are highly allergic to cats and other animals.
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it says to "spray evenly in a sweeping motion over fabrics until damp"
i spray it over fabrices, carpet...curtains :LOL:
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lol same here, dander can get every where! I'd probably put it on my carpets too!

What are curtains?
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What exactly is this flavor of Febreze called? I am eager to give it a go. My poor daughter sneezes endlessly from the cats.
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it's just called Febreze, allergen reducer.

it's a a pretty frosty clear blue bottle with a yellow spray cap thingy. The kitties did sleep in the bedroom last night and we didn't wake up with a soar throat so that is kinda cool!!
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So how's it going now that it's been a few more days?

I'm terribly allergic to cats (and have 3 in a really small space!). I have three prescription medications I use to live with them... sounds like a product I would love, if it works!

We'd love an update!!!!!! (And thanks for posting!!!!)

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I actually think it is working pretty good!!! So far am very happy with it!
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That's great! I'll have to remember to try it sometime when my relatives come to town who are allergic to cats.
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