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Unburied Treasure...

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So, Lt. Pants has always been fastidious about covering up his litterbox deposits. I moved about a month ago, and he's been in the new apartment since. He found his box right away, has been using it every time, and until a few days ago, covering up.

It started with the pee. I found some uncovered spots. Once, thought it was a fluke. Then it started happening more.

Then the poo. Twice now, he's left it uncovered. Sometimes he'll go into the box and kinda halfheartedly throw some litter over it, but not really bury it.

I haven't changed litter at all since I've had him. He never misses the box, has been eating, drinking, and going potty like normal, and seems normal in every other way. I called the vet just as a precaution, and she didn't seem worried. She said he may need a nail trim or he might be going through a phase... but I wanted to check in with you guys anyway.

Has anybody had this happen? Is it something I should be concerned about? He seems fine in every other way, and it's not really a problem, per se... just gross. Ha
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I don't think its a real problem. Blossom sometimes covers, sometimes she doesn't do such a good job. to me it's all the easier to see & dispose of.
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I have a male cat that doesn't cover his and when his brother from the same litter sees it he'll go in after him just to cover it up and then come out. Thats brotherly love.
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I don't think it's a serious problem. I own three cats and they usually cover their wastes, but sometimes, when I open the litter box to clean, I notice they don't cover all the time.
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I think its just one of those things cats do to see if we’re paying attention.

I have a 1 year old male (Spooky) who religiously covered until about 3 weeks ago I brought home an 8 week old kitten (Mulder) and now Spooky doesn’t cover at all, but Mulder always goes in after him and does it. The kitten will actually sit on top of the box while Spooky goes, only to jump inside after he gets done.
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One of mine doesn't always cover his treasures either. LOL at your thread title by the way.
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