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New DNA clears Ramseys, DA apologizes

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New DA technology has cleared the Ramseys of Jon Benet's death, and the Boulder county DA has sent a formal apology. It's a damn shame that Patsy Ramsey isn't around anymore to be vindicated. Why has it taken so long?
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Yes, that family suffered the horrifying loss of a child and than had to endure so many accusations and threats of prosecution. My heart goes out to them. I just can't imagine...

I wonder how long this particular new technology has been around.
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What the heck??? They didn't have DNA testing back then? They couldn't have tested her "panties" as one reporter said? I heard about this on the radio yesterday and it angered me so much. It's just horrible.
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The Boulder, Colorado totally botched this from the get go. Don't worry about Patsy, she always knew she was innocent.
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Don't get killed in Boulder, whatever you do! They are seriously a bunch of incompetent boobs, and that entire investigation was a farce from the beginning. Too bad it means that a killer will never be caught.

I don't know why it took 12 years to get the DNA samples from her pants/tights tested. Another example of the incompetence of the police force and especially the DA. They paid taxpayer money to extradite a pedophile from Thailand who had "confessed" to the crime (John Karr), even though even the most basic of investigation (which they did after he was in Colorado) proved he wasn't even in the state at the time of the murder.
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According to the article:

Testing in 1998 showed that DNA evidence found in the girl's underwear and beneath her fingernails was from an unidentified man and did not match anyone in the Ramsey family
Why were they still considered suspects after that?
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Originally Posted by Natalie_ca View Post
Why were they still considered suspects after that?
That's the $64,000 question, and I assume it's because the police had no other viable suspects. As Heidi said, the investigation was botched. After all this time, I imagine some potential suspects are dead, too, and that it'll never be solved/proven.
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I have a feeling the DA knows who did it, but doesn't have enough un-contaminated evidence to do anything about it. That could be a tin-foil hat conspiracy theory, but I feel it in my gut.
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The Boulder Police messed up the case from the time they entered the door. Given that there was the possibility of a kidnapping, they should have accompanied anyone in the search of the house to avoid the accidental destruction of evidence. The amount of contamination in the crime scene will mean they will have a very hard time convicting anyone.
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