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Help! My feral is sick...i don't know what to do!

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Hi everyone. I am writing on behalf of my mother who is caring for a male feral. he was very shy at first but has grown more used to her. but he still won't let her touch him. Mom lives alone in China where there aren't that many vets. (Especially for cats.) So I don't think trapping him and taking him to a vet is an option.

Three days ago, mom saw that his balls under his tale are red and swelling. she says they're about the size of egg yolks. she says he can't really lower his tale anymore. Maybe it's some kind of infection? Furthermore, he hasn't been his usually active self. Instead of exploring during the day and only coming to mom's porch for food and sleep, he's been just lying on the porch for three days. the good new is, he's still eating and hasn't lost his appetite.

I just want to know if anyone has any idea of what's wrong with him. Is it serious and/or life-threatening?! We are very, very worried. We don't know what to do! There must be something we can do for this poor little cat! Please Please Help!!
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Is he intact? Does he go outside? You said she is caring for him- is he an inside kitty then? Is he using the litter box or having accidents or is he unable to go?

Without a vet in the picture, it would be difficult to treat this cat in an appropriate fashion. Swollen testicles can indicate infection-blockage- possible cancer-if he has access to being outside, he could have been in a fight. China is known for their natural medicine. Perhaps your mom could start there on the human end of things?

If he is neutered, then the possibility of testicular cancer goes down in this equation.
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He is definitely not neutered. Mom has heard him mating with female cats before. also, sometimes he'll come back with scratches on him and it looks like he's been in a fight. also, he is also a strict outside kitty. he won't let any humans touch him and only started to let mom near him.

i know none of this is good news when it comes to getting him medical attention. but there has to be something we can do.

thank you so much for your post! does anyone else have any ideas?
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Maybe you could call a vet in your area and ask some questions about possibilities. If he has a blockage he needs medical attention. Barring that maybe she could feed him only wet food and see if the moisture helps. Cats are notorious for not drinking enough water.
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It sounds like a problem like that will not go away without medical attention. I agree with her calling vets in her area asking for advice.
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