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People in Ontario ** Creative ideas to save a rescue

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I keep in touch with the individuals I rescued Cello and Kismet from. They are wonderful people and on top of their normal jobs they rescue last chance (VERY ABUSED) dogs and teach people how to handle them if they can be placed, if not they keep them (and foster cats for the local rescue) anyways I just got this email from them after sending them an update on the cats. (of course this is just a portion)

"One bit of news, we have to move from here. After 30+ years the
government have decided to tear the house down and maintain the
property as bare land. Now we are looking for somewhere further
out in the country where animals will be allowed. Most of the
dogs, and possibly some of the cats here will killed unless we
can take them somewhere with us. They are either too difficult
to handle, or just too old to be adopted.

If you see or hear of anything to rent that's not too expensive,
please let us know. We are considering almost anything that will
allow us to save the animals. We have been thinking about tax
sale properties, farms where land has been bought with a
farmhouse on it, but the house is not needed, existing
sanctuaries where the person/people running it have become too
old or sick to keep it up unless they have help. I am told
occasionally someone wants to donate property when they don't
have anyone to pass it along to, and they don't want the
government to get their hands on it. We are even keeping our
eyes out for things way out of the norm, like a disused railway
track with a station house on it, or something that could be
converted. Who knows what will turn up by November - or at least
we hope something will."

Obviously they will take anything! Currently located near Toronto. If you can think of anything or anything that comes to mind in ON, please PM me. Good vibes as well please.
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Unfortunately, any land in or near Toronto is being bought up by developers who are then putting mega-houses on it. The sprawl is getting heavier and further and further out from the hub of Toronto. In areas like Rockwood, a house that went for $69,000 15 years ago now goes for over $400,000. I wish them luck - hopefully for such deserving people something will come along.
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GTA is not cheap unless they want to look at moving far out and even then it is getting more expensive there.

We managed to build on our land quite affordably with donations of labour and materials from local contractors, perhaps that is something they can look at also?

I know someone at work looked at a decent piece of farm land in Milton that was afforable (less than $100k) at Derry and Trafalgar, it wasn't what he was looking for but he was impressed with what he could get for the price.
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