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Daily Thread Thurs July 10th

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Morning folks!

Almost the weeeeeeeekend! My man is coming again this weekend..and we are heading to a friends cottage on Saturday

Not much going on with me..just getting laundry and cleaning out of the way tonight. Gonna be a hot and humid couple of days!

Have a great one!
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Morning All!!

Going to be another hot one here as well.

Heading off to work in a bit, not feeling to chipper today am coming down with a summer cold so am a bit on the irritable side.. Hopefully it doesn't amount to much..There is not worse then having a cold in really hot humid weather..

Nothing special planned for this evening just some chores around the house if I have the energy.

Kitties are good this morning, all three a sitting in the window watching the neighbors dog tear around his yard.

Everyone have a good day.
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Morning all. Hot here today, looks like it might have rained during the night.Going out with friends for drinks and supper tonight.
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Good morning!

It's a cool 63 this morning (or was when I left my house), but I can already tell it will be hot in no time!

At my office, we are having problems with pigeons- they love our stairwell. So my boss wants to buy "poison" (he says there's stuff that will make them sick and want to stay away, but not kill them...), but I didn't like that idea. So I had heard that prey animals, like birds, are looking for somewhere safe, so if you use used cat litter, they will stay away. So today I brought some of Evie's used cat litter to work!

I use non-clumping feline pine, so essentially I brought a bag of sawdust. Just, saw dust no one wants touch!

Not much excitement for today. The X-Pack has been going through water quickly, so today I left them a HUGE pot of water (very low, of course, so no drowning!!), and I'm "looking forward" to what I'll find when I get home! I imagine they'll be playing in like a wading pool... Evie's been downstairs most of the morning, since it's still rather stuffy upstairs... She's a smart girl!

Everyone have a good day!
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On a bit later as I slept in an extra 30 minutes.
Picked and delivered basil for my client and a couple of errands.
Now just stuff to get ready for tonite-just taking a few minutes right now before I run around like a crazy person!!
Temps and humidity going up today for us too-well its summer after all we will be complaining about winter soon enough!!

Keep cool..........
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Today it's totally naff weather. Rain, rain, and more rain as usual.

Not been up to much today, just took Bun (or Buttons as she is better known) to the vet.

Enjoy the rest of your day peeps!
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It is about 86 degrees here and high humidity.
The maintanence guy was here this morning to fix the toilet and the stove. They jerked me around until I found out by law I have to submit it in writing, then they were all over it. They have to come back tomorrow with a new toilet because they could not repair the one installed in 1962. Another day with strangers in my house. Yuck!
My DH has been having back pain, so I gave him a massage. I hope he is not getting another kidney stone. So I have to keep an eye on him until he goes to work.
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Good afternoon/early evening

So glad today is almost over. I'm TIRED! I actually slept in a little this morning - instead of being on my way to work at 6:30am, I was only just rolling out of bed to the nudges of Katina. Rob and I hit the sack early last night, because we didn't get a lot of rest Tuesday night-Wednesday morning.

Did a bunch of work today, I'm sure the analyst I prepped for isn't too happy he'll have a busy Friday tomorrow (he analyzes them the day after I prep them).

To top off my day so far, onthe way home, I heard a pop while driving, thought it was just one of those reflectors in the road. Kept driving a little more, heard a "fwap, fwap, fwap" sound. Ok?! Then the steering wheel started shaking a lot ... beat those little tires on over to the right hand side of the road to see my tire flat as a board! I don't know why yet. It wasn't flat when I left work, so I must have run over something on the interstate. I was actually surprised, 75mph and I barely felt the tire go. My dad of course was being snippy over the phone when I was telling my brother Being sarcastic, saying that I never know when my tire is flat anyway, so why is this any different? Pfft. Our tire has only blown once before, when Rob was driving. It was cut all the way around by the time we stopped.

So now I'm just waiting for Rob to get off work. He came and changed the tire to a donut and is finishing up at work now. I'm going to ask him tonight about going to the SPCA tomorrow to "Save a scoop" (we call little kittens "scoops" because you can just scoop them up in your palms ) I'm hoping he says okay!
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Hi, all! I had a lovely day!!! It's my birthday!!! Friends and family called... and I went out to dinner with a dear friend and we saw WALL-E! Very cute!!
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