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Which one

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I'm trying to decide which of the pictures I already have I should use for the July contest... help me decide?!

Maybe this will be our lucky month?!

Here's Frankie




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I was originally gonna say Mama, but the picture of Frankie is up close, and you can see her little button nose and cutie tongue better.

Mama is really sweet though
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I like number one. IMHO it's the best composed picture and it really highlights her cute pink nosey
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I like #2. It shows her lil nose & tongue!! Very cute!!
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I voted for Number 1 Good luck!
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I voted for Frankie hiding. Very cute!
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I voted for #1 also.
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#1 is cute!!!
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I like number one, too. What a sweet little nose! And she's curled up in the blanket, so cute!
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#1 is a GREAT kitty pose & a perfect nose shot
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