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loose stool and late term queen?

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Hi, all, newbie to the board here. I've taken in a pregnant stray (it is becoming tradition for me or my family to take in a pregnant stray/feral every 5 years or so) and while my vet and I had a major failure of communication of exactly how far along she is I do know she is closer to 9 weeks than not and with her giant belly and expected 7 kittens I'm certainly on Kitten Watch.

My question is if any of you have experience with loose stool as a sign of impending labor. Smudge (momma) had very soft and some what loose stool this evening (the splatter on the wall behind her litter was a lovely touch) which I find rather out of the blue since she has been on the same food (Purina One Kitten) since I got her 7 weeks ago, is in otherwise good health and spirits (had a snack just before I started typing this and came for cuddles prior to that), and is indoors only in clean home with limited opportunity to eat weirdness.

She did briefly decide to have a lie down in the birthing box in the closet which is the first time she has liked that spot vs the box in the bathroom but now she's back in her customary bedtime spot of the window sill bed (so probably not tonight).

Thanks for any responses. : )
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Cats can be such individuals, so other people's mileage may vary here, but it has been my experience that a lot of queens will evacuate their bowels thoroughly before delivery. The beginning of contractions will sometimes make them bear down a little and to them, I suppose it must feel like they need to go poo. My queen did it all three times she had litters, a lot of my breeder-friends have commented that one or more of their queens do it and so I would think that if you are seeing her in and out of the litter box frequently, it may mean that she is having a few small contractions.

As for the soft stool, that I cannot comment upon. Lexus (my queen) never had soft stool before delivery that I can remember nor do I remember hearing any of my friends mention it about their girls. Sorry I can't be more help with that.
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My Queen just did that. She evacuated a lot before hand. Her stools were softer but not diarrhea. The heat was making some people's cats have some tummy upset. Or she could have an upset stomach from all the changes in her body right now. If it continues I would call the vet and see if you need to supplement her with some electrolytes so she doesn't get dehydrated.
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Thanks for the responses, guys! Here we are almost 12 hours later and everything appears fine although I certainly will be on the lookout for what her next BM looks like.
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Well, I am feeling that it will be in the next day or so. When Lily was moved here to our new house, I thought for sure she was gonna have them that night, but she let me fall asleep at 3am. She was completely normal for the next 2 nights, then bam! Eight kitens by noon the next morning. Good luck with your momma
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