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Separation Anxiety?

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Hi Guys,

I was a little worried about my kitty Faith I have been taking a summer class and be out alot lately due to mobility instruction at the blind association and so my kitty has been home alone for maybe 4 to 6 hrs by herself... When I come home she automatically runs out of my apartment and into the hall way of my building and then when I bring her back in she continues to sit and meow at the door for 10 to 15 minutes. She didn't start doing this until after I got her spayed on the 24th really she was doing fine the first 2 wks of my summer class.

Is this something to be worried over... is it separation anxiety or something else? I know she will sit and meow at the door when I leave because I can hear her crying all the way to the elevator and I usually have to wait for it for 5 to 10 minutes because it has to come up 9 floors! What can I do to get her to stop wanting to run out of my apartment every time I open the door? Being visually impaired its hard for me to catch her and see were she runs too.

Anh suggestions? Thanks
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anyone know?
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Doesn't sound like separation anxiety to me, not from what you describe. It sounds more like boredom. Does she have lots of things to keep her entertained while you're gone? Scratchers, toys, catnip, cat trees? Oh, any battery powered toys that are interactive? Or things you can hang on doorknobs?

Of course, you definitely don't want to put a toy on the doorknob of the door you want her to NOT run out of! In fact, you want to discourage her from going near that door. I know sometimes what works are bells on the door knob, so when it moves it kind of scares them away. If you're visually impaired, that might help you, too! I know my mom went blind, and we used all sorts of things like that for her.

I'd say her wanting out isn't something to be worried over, per se. But her getting out is! You don't want to lose your precious kitty.

Hope some of these ideas work! Good luck.
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