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10,000 bc

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Has anyone seen this movie? I watched it Tuesday night and really liked it.

It wasn't well received by critics but if we paid any attention to what the movie critics had to say nothing would ever be watched.
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I did want to go and see this but I never got round to it. I'll have to rent it soon.
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I want to see it but will wait until its on Tv.
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That one is definitely on our list! I've wanted to see it since I saw the first previews but we don't watch movies in the theater anymore since they're so expensive but we're going to rent it asap.
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my bf went to see it with his dad for his birthday and said it was amazing so now i wanna see it
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My boyfriend and I saw it in the theaters. I can see why it received bad reviews but I thought it was great! I loved the graphics in it. The acting could have been better which is why I think it got bad reviews but who cares about acting when you have huge awesome looking mammoths running around!

I loved this movie and would see it again!
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I love movies like this, so I was looking forward to it.

It was a good movie, as said above the graphics were terrific. My favorite part was the Saber-tooth.

*slight spoiler*

But I was slightly disappointed with the romance part of the movie. Thought it would have a lot more, so it just made me sad not to see more of a connection there.

Did love it, though. Very interesting!
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