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TV time and cheap toys!

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My new kitten Holly loves watching tv! Not like most cats who *might* be watching tv, but sits at the foot of the bed intently watching the tv for a long time. Maybe I just pick good cat movies?

Also, I just had a birthday and haven't put all the gift bags away. There is one bag Holly just won't leave alone. It sits on a low table, and everyday (I should put it away) she knocks it over, pushs everything out of it and falls asleep on my presents, half of her in the bag This is while ignoring the expensive toys I've bought them too

Kitty just likes to sit there in disgust of stupid (cute) kitten play. She still wants to be an only child I think, but a little late for that! They snuggle and groom too much to not love each other anyway
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Things that do not look like cat toys are the best toys. Things that are cat toys are not interesting.

Does your kitty have a favorite show?

(also, cat beds are shunned but a tiny shoebox is heaven)
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So far I haven't noticed a fav show for Holly...

but I did have a chinchilla that loved Food Network, mostly Paula Deen

and Kitty does seem to prefer Animal Planet
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Hee-hee. Larry does that. He'll just sit on the edge of the bed, with his front paws hanging over and watch. He'll turn his head a little to the side sometimes, and I see him follow with his eyes if an animal is running - and if they run out of the frame, he looks to the side of the TV, almost like he's saying, "Where'd they go?"

If something comes towards the camera, he'll actually back up.
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Nabu to watch Meerkat Manor with me.
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Butzie is a big TV watcher. Well, we like to watch TV and for all of our presents for this year DH and I got an HD flat screen TV. It is in our bedroom. Butzie loves to sit on the bed and watch TV with us at night. She is a big fan of Law and Order - any of them. She likes animal shows, too, but those Law and Order shows really get eye time from her.
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If I am laying in bed watching tv, Arwen will lay on my stomach and crane her neck to watch it with me (tv is up in the wall on a stand.)
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Raven loves to sit on the couch with me and watch TV. She loves the shows about Big Cats. Just this evening we watched a show on leopards and cheetahs. She LOVED the cheetahs, whenever one came on screen her head would go up and her ears pricked. The show was an hour long, and she watched it the whole time
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Scooter likes the NASCAR races. He will sit for hours and watch them. I wonder who his driver is?
Fluffy likes to watch tv only if I have the massage table in the middle of the living room, close to the tv.
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Rocky likes PBS, and not the kids' programs or nature shows as you might expect, but the BBC World News and P.O.V. (I posted about this in a new thread before seeing this one.)

Haven't really noticed Oliver watching TV.
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Benson and Jinxy have just realized the laptop is really good as well as the t.v

I have a cracking photo some where , which makes Jinxy look like she is doing some adminstrative work on the laptop lol
Jess x
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