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Sneezing...and more sneezing

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We've had 4 month old kitten Holly for over a month and she sneezes quite a bit. Several times a day at least. She was at the vet a few weeks ago and they said she has no URI or anything, but perscribed L-lysine to boost her immune system against a viral cold.

She's been getting some (not a full dose, tricky kitten) of l-lysine since the vet visit and she still sneezes. The first few days we had her there was a tiny bit ot eye gunk, but disappeared completely and has not come back. She eats, drinks, plays fine. She is due to get rabies shot and be spayed early August, and I'm not sure if they will check her out first or if this needs to be fixed before... Is it possible she just sneezes? I've talked to the breeder and she is adamant nothing should be wrong with her.

My other cat is fine, and if the kitten was sick, wouldn't she be sneezing by now too? It's driving me crazy not knowing!
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I have 2 cats (one purebred) that sneeze a LOT. They are both my male cats, but I'm not sure if that makes a difference.

I think they may be a bit sensitive to dust, but other than that I haven't thought of anything else. It has been going on for at least a year.

I know that's not particularly helpful, but my case shows that sometimes they just sneeze...but keep after them - has the vet taken any temperatures lately?
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I agree with Meowers she could be allergic to dust or something in your house or maybe pollen.

But I would keep a close eye just to make sure she doesn't have a cold.

Have you asked the breeder if any of her other kittens tend to sneeze like that?
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To the best of my knowledge the other kittens in her litter are fine, and when I picked her up from the breeders home no cats sneezed the whole hour I was there.

The wildfires here in California are really affecting peoples respiratory problems, so maybe I can blame it on that partly? Both cats are strictly indoor only, so it's probably nothing big. I hover over her all the time making sure shes ok
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Please keep us posted!
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Kojak, one of my kitties has a chronic condition that affects one side of his face (only one eye drains and only one nostril fills up with snot) - part of it is because he has feline herpes as a kitten and still suffers daily to a degree from it- but part of it is also allergies.

I would get a second opinion from another reliable vet to make sure URI is ruled out yet again (because that young of an age- it would be the most common ailment). But it could be something as simple as allergies or asthma. I'd get another opinion just to be certain.
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I think it could be the fires because mine are sneezing also and they are not sick. Meeko has a dripping eye also.
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