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Digestive Issues from cat

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My cat has been having digestive problems lately.. Occasionally he'll have a hairball or two.. but lately, he has been throwing up for no apparent reason. I feed him Meow Mix hairball control however, he has been throwing up from it. I decided to switch to Purina One Sensitive Systems since he must have a sensitive stomach. The associate at Petsmart told me to mix half of it with his previous cat food I feed him and slowly progress to feeding him only Purina. I mixed mabye 1/4 of it in his dish and only 1 hour later and its on my rug.. It didn't even hardly digest cause it was still in chunks. I'm sorry if I am grossing anyone out with this post, but I need some help. Should I stop feeding him Meow Mix since that started the stomach issues? Should I try new cat food instead of Purina Sensitive Systems?? Or do I need to just take him to the vet..

Another issue is he is very VERY car sick and goes completely chaotic in the car.. So I'm trying to avoid a commute to the vet as much as possible.. Any suggestions or answers are greatly appreciated!! Thanks

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First the vet for a check to ensure there is nothing more than a food issue

I personally would suggest non grocery food
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Wait, what do you mean non-grocery food? Whats a good cat food for digestive issues...?
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I would look to a quality canned food with no grains. Somethiong like wellness or merrick
They contain no grains and no meal\\ which should help. You can also get some acidoupholous and sprinkle some in the food each day. Available at health food stores
For hairballs there are a few things you can get. I like something called vetbasis
Best of luck
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MANY cats with digestive issues thrive on wet diets ... grain and grain free ...

if you need dry avoid soy, corn, wheat ... and fish

Do you have a big or small pet store near you??
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