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One Week Baby Pictures!!!

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Well, Lily's babies are now 8 days old, but I did snag some pictures I do everyday LOL. Anyway, they aren't of great quality since I am still using my ancient camera, but they'll do in a pinch

We have names for the dark ones, just waiting for the siamese to change a little so we can tell them apart LOL. The small all black girl is named Mini-B, after her dad Bob. The largest of the litter is the marbled back tabby and that's Brutus, he's a boy. My daughter had named one tabby, Toby and I've named my favorite kitten (the other tabby) Mr. Moostache...he's got mustache-shaped markings...and he had his eyes open at 36 hrs.old. In the last picture, the siamese is sucking his thumb LOL I thought it was priceless.

Hope you enjoy the pics!!

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They are tooo CUTE!! How many are there 8?!?!?!? wow-big litter! Your going to have a house full of cats!
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How cute! Soooo how many are you going to keep?
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Originally Posted by skewch View Post
The little tabby with the orange on its face reminds me of Blossom when we 1st got her at 3 w/o.

What a little cutie.

Look forward to watching them grow.
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Wow!! A BIIIIIIG pile o' kittens!!!
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Thanks guys, they are a bunch of cuties. I can't keep my hands off them, to be honest LOL. Yes, there are 8 little ones. They are getting bigger and cuter and I am in love. They love to be petted and purr alot. I don't know if I'm keeping any or not yet, that's yet to be determined by hubby. I know he'll fall hard for at least one of them LOL

We do have homes for at least 2, but I haven't been home-shopping too much yet.

Lily is still doing an amazing job with them, and has no problems with us holding and petting them. I even sneak one downstairs to do some short intros to the other cats. She is a great mom.
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Wow!! They are all sooo gorgeous!!
I'm so in love with them
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<-- Me running off to snatch those cutie-pies!!! Wow, they are positively precious!!

You are so lucky to have so many darlings, and such a good, gorgeous mommy!

Looking forward to watching them grow!
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I can't wait to see more pictures!!!! They are gorgeous!!!
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My little foundling sucked her thumb, it is so cute , WOW 8 babies
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Wow I didnt know cats could even have 8 in a litter!!
.....shows what little i know.

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Oh, goodness, they are absolutely adorable! I'm in love!
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