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ARGH! Will winter never end???

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So, I turn on my TV this evening for the news, and what do I see forecasted for tomorrow?? Up to 12 inches of snow! That's right, a goshforsaken FOOT of snow!!! ARGH! It was 70 degrees last week... where did spring go??
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They're saying 3-6 inches of ICE in Philly. And my magnolia tree is just about ready to bloom...I hope this doesn't kill the buds on it!
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We have had ice storms and snow for the last few days. I cant remember it ever being this snowy this late in the year.
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You poor folks in the higher elevations. Pgh. is getting sopping wet with rain. Cold rain, mind you, but still just rain.

Better leave your snow shovels out for the Easter egg hunt!
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You guys are not going to believe me, but I am so jelouse!!!

Here its summer most of the year, and I only dream of snow... (I have seen snow twice in my life)

We just went through a horrible heat-wave (over 90s for three days), and my car A/C just broke down!!! I was MELTING...

So enjoy it while you can!!!

And Don't worry - spring is almost here :flash:
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It's getting pretty warm here in Georgia, too. We'll probably be in the 80's in the next week or so. We get a few weeks of nice weather (in the MIDDLE of pollen season, mind you!) and then it's hot, hot, hot for several months. I'm moving somewhere that gets three months of winter, three months of spring, three months of summer, and three of fall!!! LOL If there is such a place . . . Sending warm, sunny vibes your way . . . hope your winter is over soon!!
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oh my gosh!! I hope it doesn't last long..
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I am right there with you Jenn. Right there with you. *sigh*
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Is't this the pits!We are getting it too!
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yeah it snowed here. flippity white stuff! i forgot to cover my lily shoots that were popping up. hope they are okay!
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Huge white puffy flakes are falling. The grass in the yard is covered, so is the car. So far, the streets are clear, but the temperature is supposed to fall throughout the day and the snow to turn to ice.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't this supposed to be spring?
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The schools are closed EVERYWHERE here. I swear we have a good 3 inches already and it is still coming down like crazy. I can hardly see across the street! The roads are just treacherous. My crocus plants have been out..I have a daf that is about ready to bloom....

Can I just tell you that this SUCKS??

The funny thing is that next week at this time it is supposed to be like 70. Welcome to Michigan.
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We are expecting 8 inches here on Cape Cod. UGH, my tulips are going to die now! So much for a nice spring!
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We had snow earlier today and now it seems to be over. I hope. It ended as rain. I thought it was spring, but winter isn't done with us yet, I guess.
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I know what your talking about. It is April 7th for goodness sake. It snowed so hard on Saturday, you could hardly see in front of you. It finally quit around 5 PM and cleared up. All the snow we lost and the flowers that were starting to pop through are totally covered with snow. My yard had no snow in it two weeks ago and now it is past my waist high. It gets to be a little depressing. Oops, I promised I wouldn't complain anymore - sorry.

Max's Mommy
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It is snowing right now - boohoo!
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Here in Mass the stinking snow has just begun. It's little pellets BUT I'm sure it will turn over to that big fluffy stuff she was talking about. I do enjoy the snow IN THE WINTER but now it's time to move on. I will forgive mother nature though,:goodbad: I'm sure she'll treat us well SOON. I hope. Dali:blossom:
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Hey everyone, hang in there! The Sun is right there, waiting to come! (she's just waiting for the snow to end, it too cold for her...:pinky

the perfect solution for cold times... Oh, you all know it!!! Just snuggle with your cats! By summer time, when I want to hug my boys, they have this look on their face saying - "Yeah, right, as if I would hug you in this heat!"
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Well, I'm waiting for the latest weather report because the 12 inches of snow seems to have missed us. (Thank god!) There's a few inches out there... on the grass, and it seems to be sleeting, but no 12 inches. Either that, or it was forecasted for later in the day than I realized... oh, I hope it missed us! *crosses fingers*
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Originally posted by AuroraViva
I'm moving somewhere that gets three months of winter, three months of spring, three months of summer, and three of fall!!!
I really like this, it makes so much more sense to have the seasons equally divided! Here in Minnesota we seem to have nine months of never ending, sickening winter and only three months of summer!!! YUCK!!!!!

I live in southern Minnesota and my town is right at the northern edge of the storm system. The towns just south of us got about 10 inches of snow today and we only got a light dusting. But we did get a really strong, icy cold wind that made it feel like we were at the north pole, and the temperature has only been around 30 degrees all day. What do we need all this cold artic air for anyway??????

BTW, the weather forcasters are telling us that on Wednesday the high will be 51 degrees, and the highs for the rest of the week will be in the 50's and 60's. AND they better have this weather forcast RIGHT for a change!!!!!!!!
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