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I just purchased my textbooks for next semester - $350 for 3 subjects, plus shipping. Lucky we have a post office box in Australia that forwards to us in the US (I study externally from Australia). Shipping to the PO Box is $14, whereas shipping to the US is over $100! We pay a flat rate per year and boy do we get our moneys worth!
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Ekk! I just bought two text books for $250 - and looking through them, I am going to be bored stiff this semester!
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I feel your pain! My accounting book alone was $250, plus shipping! Then you add tuition and the rest of the books, and

Education sure isn't cheap anymore... But who can do without it?
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I think text books are the most expensive part of going back to school.

I was fortunate that when I went to nursing that my SIL had some older books that I could use, and I saw a notice on the boards at the school for some books from someone who graduated 6 years prior. And some of the teachers had older editions of some others too that I was able to grab. The only books I bought new were the ones for my A&P and Psychology. All the others were up to 6 or 7 years old. The pages for the information wan't the same, but the content was. But that's what books have indexs for

When I was going to buy my A&P book I saw some students in the book store spending $700 on just one book! They must have been med students. One person's bill came to over $3,000.00!!! I felt lucky that mine was only $100.00!
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