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Kitty City project (w/ pics)

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(I opted to put this in What's New, as neither cat is in any of the shots... but it's ABOUT something for them)

So, I've been stashing junk under the bed since I moved in two years ago... but due to my on-off obsession with Feng Shui (pronounced fung schway, for those who don't know), and the experts stating that you never store things under the bed... creates stagnation.

Well, JoJo and Jack are constantly under the bed (what cat isn't?). I had the spark of an idea in Target last week... so this week, I went back got the items I needed from there and also hit IKEA (as my bed is from there). So here's what I did today:

I picked up my mattress and set it off to the side. I removed the 'box spring' and dismantled it (I have a sleep number bed, due to a bad back). I vacuumed under the bed, then lifted the bed with those risers (from Target). I had to get two sets, since I have the center support posts:

I then set everything out:

Put the slats down (from IKEA). I laid down the top of the 'box spring' on the slats, to life the mattress a little more... mostly for ease of changing the sheets... then set the mattress down... made the bed:

And now the cozy little Kitty City under my bed:

I also went back, before making the bed, and screwed down the slats... as the springy cubes were a little too tall If the risers were an inch bigger, it would've been perfect... so the cubes are a little scrunched... but still good for the cats.

Right now both cats are sitting in my IKEA chairs... we'll see tonight how they take to the 'City'

So, what do you all think?

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Wow!! I think thats cool!! They should really like that!
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I just caught Jack hanging out on the blanket under there... so he approves... I may have to add some cushioning inside the cubes, as JoJo tends to prefer them up on the bed... where there's the mattress under them... but that's easy enough.
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Cool! Jojo and Jack will love it.
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WOW!!! Can you make me something like that!!!!
Very impressive!
If my mom owned our house, i'd opt to building shelves on the walls for the cats to climb up and maybe a box or 2 (on the walls) to hide in.
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Originally Posted by Vixen16 View Post
WOW!!! Can you make me something like that!!!!
Very impressive!
If my mom owned our house, i'd opt to building shelves on the walls for the cats to climb up and maybe a box or 2 (on the walls) to hide in.
let's see... the bed, fleece pet blanket and slats were from IKEA... the cubes and the bed risers were from Target... If your bed has enough room to store things under it, you can get the risers and lift it (although, I wouldn't recommend doing this with those wheeled basic bed frames). If you need a boxspring or something to support the mattress, then hit the hardware store or lumber supply and get a sheet of 3/4" plywood and have them cut it down to the size of your bed... take measurements first... or get slats like mine...

the bed risers are the key... without them, you don't have enough room for the cubes... everything is store bought... I didn't make a single thing...

FYI, if you have an IKEA near you... that's a Dalselv bed. They're very affordable (under $100 US), come in twin and full/queen sizes... but to be warned, even if you're a pro at putting IKEA stuff together... that bed frame is a royal pain in the a** to assemble. Now that I've done it twice, it's getting easier... but that first time took me three hours... not even things with drawers take me THAT long... I love my bed... but holy cow. the side rails were my downfall. The cats were locked out of the bedroom and I was cursing up a storm... I still have flashbacks...

Also, that's almost all of four sets of those cubes... one cube is in the IKEA cat tree in the living room... Can you tell I *LOVE* IKEA?

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Oh my gosh! That is a great idea! I gotta do that!

Thanks for the idea, that is stellar!
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Awesome!! What a clever idea! Cant wait to hear how they like it!!
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That's so cool!

In college, my bed had another bed under it lol (trundle) and here back at home I have too much crap under my bed and there's nowhere else for it to go! Plus, if I were to give Oliver a play city under my bed, he'd never get in and snuggle with me!

Very awesome use of space!
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I love it!

I am so jealous of your IKEA. I wish we had one around here! I need a frame for my bed. Right now it is just sitting on the floor...!
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wow that's a really good idea!
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Oh my gosh! How fun for the kitties. That looks great.
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It reminds me of the type of secret hiding place I liked when I was a kid - not under the bed, but you get my drift.
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