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Confused about my kitten's breed...

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I think my kitten's breed is DSH ( domestic short hair ) but few people told me she might be a burmese mix but I highly doubt it... what do you guys think? I'm sure most, if not all of you agree that she's just a Cream DSH...

Also, another question:
Why does her pattern look... ' different? '
Not like it's bad or anything, but I never seen this kind of pattern before.

A person pointed her out that she looked like this kitten:

and that's a cream burmese cat, supposedly.
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I would say cream DSH - in any case, without papers, you can't claim a breed, but I think you realize that.

As for her pattern, she's a marble, or a classic, tabby. What you probably think of as normal is a more mackeral pattern, where the stripes are more obvious. And she's very cute. :-)
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I can agree that that is one cute kitty, with a very nice pattern.
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She is a Mackrel Tabby, thats the pattern on her, she is pretty, lovely cream color. Enjoy her, she is very lady like. Princess kitty.
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Oh, I don't know what she is, but is she ever adorable!!
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She's a cutie! She looks like a orange tiger kitty to me. The markings are very common.
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Looks like a buff DSH to me - the pattern isn't "not normal", and as was said - it's a "marble" or "classic" pattern. There's more info about tabby patterns here -
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She is so pretty whatever she is, and my, what a LONG and gorgeous tail!!
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Sorry, no help breed-wise here but she is just beautiful
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maybe some burmese, but that pattern is AMAZING!! gorgeous cat
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Cream Classic tabby DSH and very pretty to boot!
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Definitely not a Burmese (I breed them) but a very pretty kitten though.

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She's absolutely gorgeous ! What's your little girl's name?

Btw, the Burmese kitten picture you posted below is adorable too... and I think I see opposable thumbs on that one
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