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The French Fries Saga continues.....!

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Since I have been getting some emails to post more Nakita pics I thought I would post some!

This weekend, we had a very rude breakfast guest that would not take no for an answer! I took some pics as evidence that Nakita is stubborn and will only be satisfied by french fries.

Ok I don't have all day, where are my french fries??

Waiter, I said I wanted french fries, not breakfast eggs!

OMG! This is not french fries!! How dare you pass these things off as them??

I am very disappointed in the service at this establishment. Bring me the manager!!

I'm getting tired, but I'm waiting here till the manager brings me some fries!

Where are you taking me?? Put me down this instant otherwise I'll shed on you will all my fur! Umm...human...are you listening? Ok, ok, I'll settle for some kibble..........this time!!

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Hehe!!! Awww, she's such a beautiful cat . . . she has such pretty eyes!!
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OMG Kass that was freaking hilarious!!! You and Nakita crack me up!
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Such a beauty and she doesn't even jump into dinner plates!
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Hee hee hee!

Nakita is soooo adorable, even when she is being indignant! I hope you at least had the decency to get her some fries after all that...
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LOL Kass!! Love the storyline. She's so cute, you know how much we love Nakita pics here.

I get that look from Ophelia sometimes, although she isn't as picky as Nakita with the French Fries. She does tell me quite often that what we're having is quite gross.
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Ohhhh! Kass... she is SO cute! I love when you post Nakita pictures! I can't show Spike though... he's my baby, and he's not allowed to have girlfriends just yet... or ever!
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poor nakita! are they holding out on you?!


thanks for sharing the pictures, kass!
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She is a beautful cat!
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awwww what a pretty kitty!!!
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Oooh oooh please please post more The more pictures you post, the closer I come to convincing my s/o to get us a Russian Blue kitty without having to toilet train my curren three

Nakita is so breathtakingly gorgeous(sp?).

I want one so-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o BAD!

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Such table manners! Do you think she can give lessons to Excalibur - he is always trying to steal food off the plates! What a gorgeous kitty she is!
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OMG she is getting SO BIG! Kass- thanks for posting. But we're missing out on so much of her childhood! (Maybe some french fries would make ME feel better!)

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AWWWWWWWWWWWWWW....she sooooo tweete
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OMG!!! Those pictures are ADORABLE!!!! And I love the captions you put with them!
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Kass - is she ever going to GET a fry?

C'mon - let's see THAT story! LOL!

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I've said it before and I'll say it again: I Love Nakita pics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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