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Vet Visit!

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This is more of an update than anything, but Pixel and Bamf have an appointment with the vet in about an hour for a checkup and probably their Rabies shot.

I am going to ask the vet about Bamf's round belly and Pixel's really, really strange ribs.

I will update everyone on their health and condition when I get back.
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How are your babies? I hope everything went well at the vet!
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Actually, I keep thinking that I need to post this update, but I am honestly nervous. It is like finally admitting to myself that one of them has something potentially terrible wrong.

But here goes:

When the vet first looked at them, she said that they looked very healthy overall. Pixel's gums are still a bit red, so she may have a little bit of the virus still. We are keeping them on the Lysine (maybe permanently, because it won't hurt them).

Next I asked about Bamf, because he has been having some digestive issues. He has had very mild diarrhea since I brought him home (five weeks ago now). His poo is soft and there is a large amount of it and his belly is bloated. I have looked at all the posts on TCS that I could handle (through the search function) and came to the conclusion that I just dunno what is causing it!

At first, it could have been stress. The breeder assured me that his poo wasn't soft before he left her. Then, I thought maybe it was the antibiotics for their UTI, because antibiotics always give me an upset tummy. Then a few days ago we noticed a little bit of bright red blood on his stool and on his bum. I almost freaked out, but then I came here and looked it up, and all the posts on TCS said not to worry unless it becomes chronic, and that it is often a symptom of worms or infected anal glands or all kinds of things.

They have never been wormed because they have been strictly indoors, but they could have eaten a bug or something, so I brought a stool sample with me and the vet did a float and a smear and she could not see any evidence of worms OR eggs. We dewormed them anyway, figuring once couldn't hurt, in case Bamf has worms. His belly is still very bloated...

However, they are just over four months old, and Bamf weighs 5.5 lbs!!!! He is a chub! I asked her what else might be causing his belly to be upset, and she said that he may be overeating (he does eat a lot), but I thought kittens basically couldn't overeat because they need so much food? Now I am wondering if it couldn't be food upsetting his belly, but I am going to give the wormer a few days. He is eating a lot, drinking a lot, and otherwise acting fine, so I am trying not to worry... But his belly can't feel great.

Now, on to Pixel... I asked the vet about Pixel's ribs. She did not even notice anything just by glancing or petting her, but when the vet and vet tech actually looked and felt her chest, they were like "Wow." I explained that Pixel, when she plays at all, breathes much harder than a cat normally should (if you count the respirations). The vet said that she had seen some slightly similar things, but she thinks they were in dogs.

She showed me how to feel them better, and basically the lower half of the right side of Pixel's rib cage has collapsed. The vet said that it was a birth defect, that she was born with them like that, and it wasn't my fault in any way.

But it is definitely affecting her, although she appears to be growing fine. She is about 4.3 lbs, which means she is the right weight and size for her age. She is active, eats, drinks, and has no poo problems at all. She is very snuggly and loving, and does not appear to be in pain... But once when I was playing with them, she actually panted, which scared me. The vet is going to talk to other vets she knows and look up information in her veterinary databases and see if she can find any similar cases and what was done. At this point, we do not know how it might be affecting her lung or how it might affect her as she ages. She may live a relatively normal life. There is no way to tell realy.

They didn't get their rabies shot this week because they are a little sick still and were dewormed. I am going back next Wednesday, and I will see if the vet found any information about Pixel, and we will see how Big Bamf's belly is doing.

So... Vibes for Pixel, please. I am starting to come to terms with it, a little, that she may not live a full life, but maybe we will be lucky and something can be done for her. At least I hope that the ribs are not damaging her lung. We may take an X-ray next week so that we can see them better.

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Wow, that's scary. Have you talked to the breeder about Pixel's rib cage issue? I think she should be informed just so she will know in future.

I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers that Pixel will not have negative effects from this.
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Originally Posted by Yosemite View Post
Wow, that's scary. Have you talked to the breeder about Pixel's rib cage issue? I think she should be informed just so she will know in future.

I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers that Pixel will not have negative effects from this.
Yes, I have. I asked the breeder first, and showed her the photo and explained it, and she has never seen anything like it. I am going to call her today to tell her what the vet said, so that she will know. She seems very nice and I think that the breeder did not know anything about this.

The breeder told me that she did have one kitten many years ago with FCKS, but the vet assured me that this was nothing like FCKS.

Thank you. I am very worried about her.
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I wonder if its something like the fcks but not the same. There are other defects also. As more Oreo gets older you can not tell she had it. She is way weaker then the other Cats though. She dosent jump on anything high.
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Wow! I don't even know what to say...

Here are some for sweet Pixel and Big Bamf's Belly! I hope they feel better soon and that the vet comes up with something that will help.
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