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cats belly big enough to house kittens? *pics*

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My cat is due anytime, but im nervous about the size of her belly.

Its not as big as what I think it should be to house kittens. Im nervous she is going to have stillborns or something.

Picture of my pregnant cat.. Winnie..

Pic of her belly..

If anyone can help please I would appriciate it!

ALSO a top view of how wide she is when walking... **she also waddles its sooo cute**

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Well she seems like a smaller cat, I'd say she's just fine!
She might just be pregnant with a small amount of kittens, say 2-3.
Are you sure on the time frame she got pregnant during? If yes, what was the date? Is it her first litter?
sorry for the questions, it just helps us give advice
And might I add, Winnie is gorgeous!!
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You may only have 1 or 2 kits in her belly, she has pulled her fur so she is pretty close. Is she eating well? Free feeding? Best of luck.
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I bet she's fine. My first two stray pregnant cats turned pets I picked up had 2 and 4 kittens respectively and people didn't know they were pregnant unless we told them and both of them were small cats, especially the 4 mommy.

I'm on my third pregnant stray and while she is a small cat her belly is humongous and she's estimated to have 7 kittens.

Probably you're lucking out and she's only have a few kittens!
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Well I had thought she was bred on April 24th when she first got out, but I am thinking it was a week or two later when she got out again so she has until next week until I get worried.
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My Meeko never showed at all and she had one kitten. In fact she is fatter now then when she was Preg. I am sure they are ok.
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I think your cat will have between 2-4. Your kitty may be small but you'd be surprised what they can fit in there LOL. Lily was bred on April 27, and had her babies last week on July 1st at 66 days. If you were thinking it was 2 weeks after the first outing, then my guess is she could have them anytime from now till mid-week next week. Keep us posted
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Thats what I was thinking- I know she's not in false pregnancy because I would have known by now, but she is acting like she is in heat but only when the dogs go around her bottom or you touch her upper back, which i think is the hormone changes, and she was panting really hard a little while ago and then went all around the house and was hopping around but I am not sure if she is going into Labor or not, its confusing...
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looks pretty normal to me. My cat Sophie was about the same size and she had 4 healthy kittens.
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Kitties can be such nerve raisers sometime! I always get so anxious when my cat is close.
I thought in another thread that you said she had been to a vet and was confirmed preg?
Maybe not, just wondering.
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I took her to a vet and he felt and said she was-but I was thinking vets could even make a mistake about it or something right? because he was going to charge me an arm and a leg for the ultrasound. But I have no idea. Plus I am listening to what everyone tells me and they all ask me if she is in a false pregnancy.. I just don't know... Winnie is confusing..
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Well vets are 99% right on pregnancy matters. And ultrasounds are always an arm and a leg, my Natty's cost about $120 just to tell me she had a dead kitten and then she had a $500 emergency c-section.
I'd actually recommend an ultrasound honestly, cause If I'd had one sooner, I'd have known she only had 1 big kitten and they could have gotten it before it died.
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At least X rays. I got some and they predicted 4 or more. You sound like you need something concrete and some idea where you are. The vets can then give you a ballpark about the time frame.
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I called my vet this morning and I told them everything that has been going on with Winnie, and she said that everything is perfectly normal. She told me at the end of a pregnancy a cat can go into heat while still being pregnant. She told me don't worry about her size because its just like people and some people get bigger than others. She also told me that she is probably in the first stage of labor which can last a couple days to only a few hours. NO KITTENS YET, but hopeing soon!!

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When Coco was Preg the vet told me he saw 3 and she should have around July 25. She had Aug 1 and there was 5 but 2 were dead Male Calicos. She also was huge. When Meeko was Preg I told my brother I think she is Preg and he didnt beleive me. He said no Male was near her but Simba was the Dad. Its a long story. My cats had to stay there because they could not be with me at the time. Some Cats never show like Meeko. Your Cat will be fine. My Brothers Cat was Huge and she had one Kitten so you never know.
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