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Sales resistance

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Bill and I have agreed, that it is time to add another cat, to the household. Rowdy is running everybody ragged and she needs someone younger and energetic, to give her a run for her money.

While we were out, today, we were near the Humane Society and decided to stop in and "shop". I would like either a white kitty or a black one. We would prefer a kitten, to an older cat. We figure that a kitten will do better, with Rowdy and the dogs.

Most of the cats were out at an off-site adoption. There were several black cats but they were all older and tagged "not good with other cats/dogs". There was a white Persian, 1 1/2 y/o. With me looking for work, though I wouldn't have time, to keep up with her grooming. Sadly, we left empty-handed.

We'll see if anyone appeals to us, next week.

I DID have a difficult time, leaving three litle black Lab puppies. They are 8 weeks old and SO CUTE!! The problem with them, though, would be housebreaking. Two working folks, like us, just don't have the time.

I hate having to leave those puppies and kitties there.
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It's so heart breaking, huh? I always want to take them all home with me! Have you checked www.petfinder.org lately? Maybe they've got a kitty that you are looking for?
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I know how you feel, it's heart wrenching.
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I know how you feel; when I set foot in somewhere like that, I want to take all of them home!! They're all so sweet, and I'd like to find them all a good home!!!! Wouldn't it be wonderful if one day, we didn't NEED Humane Societies? Yes, I know, I am officially an idealist, not a realist, but hey . . . it could happen, one day.
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I hope you find what you are looking for!!!!
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