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New kitten out of control?

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Hi. I've had our new kitten for 6 weeks now and she's 9 weeks old. She was a rescue. I have my 10-11 year old male persian (BooBoo) as well, who was never really around any humans or other animals until we got him at 6 months. My problem is the kitten is absolutely crazy around the house, and I keep her in a large crate while I'm at work (she took to it great and actually likes it, but only for the set time I'm at work of course)
I messed up on the introductions quite badly but the two were getting along pretty decently until last week. He chased her and bowled her over, she chased him, etc. They even got to the point where they were laying together on my bed looking out the window. Last week, Booboo's left eye got red, mucky and swelled up a bit. They get pink and water sometimes and it's over in a day or two, but this time it was a vet visit after 3 days of it. He had conjuctivitis and is now on ointment (No corneal scratches or anything, thankfully). He has a scab on his nose, too. We think the kitten swatted him and we've seen her plain as day swat at him in the face. Usually she doesn't even touch him, but he never expects it, and oddly enough never tries to hit her back. The only time he fights her off is if I'm giving pettings to him. He does not tolerate the kitten at this time whatsoever. Since the vet visit they have been chasing each other -playfully-. My question is, I'm really worried about this behavior, if the kitten is "jealous" or is completely ignoring the dominance Booboo is trying to set up. I'm just not sure what to do. I've read to leave the two cats to it so the adult/older cat can set the dominace, etc, which is what we tried to do up until now. We are keeping her away from him to give him some peace (he also sleeps on my bed and she doesn't bother him there now) Any advice would be helpful. I know introductions are the biggest part of setting up a nice home, but unfortunately I think I've thrown all that in a great big basket and sent it you know where
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I am not as experienced as most here, but have gone through some kittens and feral rescues this past year. I presently have a rescue kitten that I am introducing to the bunch. He too is a spit-fire of energy and has never been around animals. I am finding that, like you did with the caged time, it helps to give the other pets a chance to rest away from kitten. I try not to step in and let them figure it out. The times I see it get too rough I clap my hands or make a loud noise to distract them. It seems to break the moment so they redirect their attention. Things are getting calmer. They do grow out of this stage.
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thank you so much I am glad to hear it is most likely a stage. I love my Booboo and don't want him to be unhappy, he is my heart. thanks
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I forgot to mention that you might try going through the introduction process again. I don't know that it matters much to the kitten as they are happy to have anybody for play time. It might help your other cat. This may be useful.
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I think your cats are probably getting along pretty well for the most part. I have had the same issues here in the last two years. A couple of older cats and a few kittens. The older cats have a schedule and habits and turf that they are comfortable with and the kittens have made it their life's work to upset the status quo. Judging by the fact your older cat hasn't beat the snockers out of the new kitten you are on your way to resolution. My older cats have educated the younger ones to what is ok and what isn't. This kind of sounds like what you are going thru.
Cats/kittens will have small battles and this is how older ones teach the younger ones. As long as you are around when they spend time together they should be ok. I am not saying that the kitten won't provoke the older one from time to time, but that is as natural as a younger sibling bugging and older one. Make sure each one has separate time with you and away from each other. In my house we have a very definate pecking order and make it a point to acknowledge the alpha first and then the others, as well as giving treats in the same order. Sounds mean I know, but it is consistant and helps with discipline for all of the cats. It really is a "stage" that is normal and you will find that your older cat will take the newer one under his wing and teach him the ropes. There will be hissing and fights on occasion, but no worse than human siblings lol.
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I too think that this is simply play between the two cats and is a way for them to sort out the pecking order and their relationship with one another.

One thing that I hadn't seen recommended yet in this thread would be for you to start clipping the kitten's nails. First, since shg's so young, it lays the groundwork for you to do this with minimal hassle in the future, as part of your general care for the cat. Secondly, if and when she gets overly rambunctious with BooBoo --- or your furniture --- she'd be likely to do much less damage if her nails are somewhat blunt.

Of course, clipping BooBoo's nails wouldn't be a bad idea either, if that's feasible.
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Yes getting both of the nails trimmed will be coming up in the next couple of weeks. She's pretty good about the furniture so far, it's more attacking ankles or taking a flying leap at the back of my chair and failing horribly. Otherwise, glad to hear everyone's ideas and thoughts, it eases my nerves a bit. They even slept on the bed again this morning ^.^ but that was after BooBoo wanted to play with ME and the kitten wanted to play with US, and he took after her -- All I heard was a loud short scream and she backed off and calmed down (and is still as such, and she is ok). It is incredibly difficult to ignore her cries or barks (sounds just like a puppy guys!) when he has to discipline her.
Thanks again for all of your help!
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I know it's upsetting, but she's just being a kitten. 6 months to a yr is the hellish stage, and she WILL grow out of it. I think she and BooBoo are getting along fine. Belive me, if BooBoo didn't like her he would not be sleeping in the same room, much less on the same bed with her.

With the injury to BooBoo, it sounds like play got out of hand and it was an accident. Kittens are very trying to older cats because all they want to do is PLAY!

Giving BooBoo down time from the kitten is a great idea. He needs a place to go where he can just relax, and quality time with you. But, they need time together so BooBoo can teach her the ropes and let her know who is boss. There will be hissing, play fighting (which can look pretty serious), but it is necessary.

I honestly think they will be fine.
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Mary likes the little kittens...for a set amount of time then they begin to get on her nerves sometimes. They rip and run and sometimes she is like ok I have had more than enough of you. She will hiss at them and they get the idea. Kittens are fun but tiring for older cats sometimes.
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Yep sounds like good ol fashioned playtime to me, plus a bit of Booboo establishing who's the real boss around your house. Nothing I would worry about. Of course, playtime between the two should be supervised as much as possible since your newcomer is a little kitten.

Cassie had her one and only litter when she was only about 8 months old herself (she came to be as a pregnant stray) so she'd play with her son Wukong like they were both kittens. Sometimes she'd sit on his head with a clueless look on her face and he'd be yelling and struggling till I hear his squeals and separate them. Its only when she sits on him that I'm actually afraid for his life.. other than that the usual swatting and whacking became part of daily life.
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My vet told me that as hard as it is not to come to the rescue of the kitten, it is normal for the older cat to correct the kitten's behavior in what we think of as an agressive manner. Blood shouldn't be drawn, though accidents do happen.
The best thing is the adult will teach the kitten about correct use of claws and not to bite.
And I second the nail trimming, ASAP.
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Are you sure you aren't talking about my 2 cats?

I brought Chloe home at 12 weeks old (a rescue kitten also, she was found by the rescue group at 4 weeks without a mom). My older cat, Matilda, is just not playful even for how young she is (at the time Chloe came home, Matilda was probably about 11 months old but she acted like an old kitty - I suspect b/c her previous owner de-clawed her but who knows why). Matilda is part Persian.

I did the whole introduction thing and it still didn't help. Chloe was just too playful for Matilda. Matilda just wants to be left alone.

I think Chloe missed out on the all-important kitty-to-kitty socialization skills that a kitten picks up from its mom between 6 to 12 weeks. She had a litter-mate and her foster mom had other cats, but I don't think it's the same. Chloe just doesn't have kitty manners. She attacks Matilda unprovoked, clearly wanting to play. Matilda just bats her on the head a few times and Chloe leaves.

I've had Chloe for 10 months and the 2 get along better, but they aren't friends. They sometimes sniff each other when I'm about to feed the two of them. Chloe tries to lick Matilda and groom her but Matilda wants nothing of it.

You just can't force cats to like each other. Make sure they each have their own water dish, food dish, and litter box.
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Cable usually whacks Chip at least once a day just to make sure he knows she's the boss...
i keep her claws clipped [he's declawed]. he also outweighs her by about 7 pounds.
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