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Attacking laptop

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I have adopted two kittens. One male--one female. They are both fascinated with my laptop. The male will not stop jumping on it when I am trying to work--he then tries to attack the monitor.

I have essentially told him "NO" and then picked him up and put him down. However he will keep on coming back. Its impossible for me to use the laptop at times.

I know hes a kitten and hes curious----but is there anything else I can try to deter him from this? I dont want to have to go into another room to work and have the door closed.
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I couldn't stop it with mine so I don't really have any advice. Jack would come and lay down right across the keyboard making it impossible to do anything.

I realized there was no stopping it so I went ahead and changed my screen saver to the "aquarium" screen saver and allowed him to stare at the computer all day long.

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Do you have enough toys laying around? Perhaps some in the same room as the laptop? Try getting some 'string' like toys that you can tease him with while you're on the laptop, and a few that you can leave around the laptop to show him while he's behaving badly. I basically taught Jynx by bopping her nose and saying 'no' when she did something wrong.

Granted, she now nips at the bopping finger but she learns quickly since it isn't the most pleasant form of affection.

If toys don't work, try various treats. When he attacks the laptop, take out a pouch of treats and place them on the floor. Distractions sometimes help.. not always. It isn't like you're rewarding him for attacking the laptop, since you're taking him someplace else to give him treats.
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Hey and congratulations on your new kittens...
Do you have enouth toys for your kittens? maybe if you will find them something else that will fascinate them, they will stop bothing you while you are working...
If it doesn't work, just put them in another room when ever you are working... I do so, because my cats always like to jump on my computer desk and rub against the computer screen so I can't see enything.
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Oh they have hav an ABUNDANCE of toys. He is just obsessed with it. I tried wiping bitter spray on it. He actually licked it off
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The computer is my kitten's favorite toy. I am on at night and a couple of them tag team me so I understand your dilema. Personally I think they are just begging for me to play with them. They also want to play with my fingers as I type or the mouse as I move it. I too have the Aquarium screensaver that they love. lol. As they get older they seem to have started to understand that they can't do this and are now content to just watch next to me. I have an area next to me where they can lay down and watch and I occasionally pet them. They learned that when I was typing they got ignored (not an easy feat by the way) but, when they moved away and laid down they got pets and talked to. Good luck
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