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OMG! I can't believe it...

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I just can't believe it...thank God I noticed it while I was dyeing my hair! I pulled those bad boys right out of there...hopefully that ol' wifes tale about "ya pull one, ya get 7 more!" isn't true!
The sad thing is I'm only 25!!
I'm so pathetic...I even saved those hairs so I could show my Mom since I know she won't believe me!!
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Be thankful Shell, my Grama was totally grey at 25, my mom at 30. Don't I have something to look forward to.
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I've got gray, at the temples - too much to pull out. Thank goodness, for L'Oreal. This month, I've got a 2-for-one coupon, from Walgreen's, too.

Bill looks fine, with his flowing, silver mane but I'm going kicking and screaming!
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I guess I should have known that my time would be coming...but Geez right now? My Mom starting greying at 32 and Dad started at 40. I just hope these 2 little boogers were isolated cases! Ya right! At least they were on the top of my head and since I'm tall...most people can't see em!

Right now...if there were more than those 2, they are covered a nice shade of golden brown!LOL!
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My grandfather on my dad's side went gray at 20, and my dad is 43, and going gray, but my mom's hair looks the same as it did when she was my age! Hopefully I'll take after her . . . LOL!
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I found my first grey hair when I was 24, and promptly went out and bought hair dye.

I'm now 35 and finding that I have white (not grey) hairs at my temples that are resisting being covered by dye. I wish they would all migrate to one spot so I would have a white streak a la Bonnie Raitt (or Rogue from the X-Men!), that would look cool.

To heck with diamonds; Clairol is a girl's best friend!
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I had my first grey hair *helpfully pointed out* last year at the ripe old age of 21. I haven't seen anymore, though... so don't panic!
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Shell, that's so ironic... I turned 26 in January, but this past December - December 23rd to be exact, I found my very first grey hair at age 25! My boyfriend was in visiting, so he helped me get a hold of it and yank it out. It was sticking up from the top of my head, and I couldn't get my hands on *just* that one. My problem is that I'm 5 feet tall... so mostly everyone gets to look at the top of my head! I don't color my hair yet... but if any more of those little stinkers start popping up, I'll be joining in with the hair dye.
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I showed my Mom the hairs and you woulda though I made the funny of the year! She sat there laughing her butt off at me while I was going on about have grey hair at 25. She said she was the same way...started greying in her 20's but dyed her hair so no one knew. This just sucks! I don't mind coloring my hair...but I've always done it to change my look-not because I needed it!! My boyfriend is going to die laughing when I tell him about this. I always tease him about his grey I'll be the one getting teased. Like they say "Paybacks are a B****!"
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I found a couple of gray hairs YEARS ago, and that's what I have now, just a couple of gray hairs!!

One of my coworkers has gone completely gray and dyes her hair dark brown, which is fine because it makes her look much younger. But I don't understand why this woman repeatedly lets all the color fade from her hair before she dyes it again.
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i'm only 24 and i have ALOT of gray hairs...i think it is all these cats :LOL:
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I got my first gray hair at 35 ! I do dye my hair,never the same color though!
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I think I have been pulling my grays out since I am 22. I am now 25, soon to be 26 and they are increasing, but still managable by ripping them out. The problem with mine is, they grow right from the crown of my head, straight up in the air!! Ugh!

Thank god for hair dye!
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I had my first grey hairs at 17 (must have been from my brother). Hair coloring (and long hair) really help to hide them!

As for my brother-he started going grey early, too. My sis-in-law used to pluck them when she found them. Now, he's going bald and blames it all on her plucking!
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I like my grey hair!
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I have dyed mine for years to cover the gray, but have recently decided to give up and go with it. I always used the semi permanent dye, so maybe the line wont't be too bad. I might just cut it off and start over.
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I have earned every one of mine and am proud to wear them!
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LOL! I got my first white hair at twoenty-something. I pulled it out. The same hair keeps growing back in white. I keep pulling it out! LOL! I'm 40 now, Shell - and, cross your fingers, it's still just that one hair I'm battling! (So there's hope!)

Of course, Gary is going really gray... and he didn't have one gray hair in 1993. (He's 40, too). Now, I don't know if it's me or the cats, but it sure seems as if the rate of graying has increased since they found us!

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Originally posted by LDG
Of course, Gary is going really gray... and he didn't have one gray hair in 1993. (He's 40, too). Now, I don't know if it's me or the cats, but it sure seems as if the rate of graying has increased since they found us!


Are you sure it's grey hair and not cat hair?
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There's an old Arabic joke, about an old man with two wives: one old and one young. He alternated nights, between them. While he slept, the young pulled out all of his gray hairs and the old pulled out all of the black ones. He wound up bald!
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I'm older than Shell and I don't have any grey hair!!!!!!!!

(This is for yelling to everyone that I will be turning 31 in June!!)

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Ok Kass...You got me!
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did you know that sometimes you get grey hairs just from being very upset or under alot of pressure? thats how I got mine... then they were gone (and Im exactly your age!).

So you still have many many good years!!!!
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