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Our Cat broke his leg and now wont eat

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Yes, he's been to the vet, and has his left rear leg all wrapped up.

He's had his leg wrapped for the past 2 weeks, and we just took him 2 days ago, to get it rewrapped. This time, they seemed to go a bit overboard, IMO, on the wrap, and he's not able to even walk at all now. He was scampering all over the place with the other wrap.

So now, I have to take him wherever I Might Think he would like to go, catbox/food/water,etc.

I've been giving him his medicine, but other than that, he don't eat anything. I'm getting a bit worried and am wondering if I should take him back to the Vet, to have them check the wrap, in case they really did get a bit zealous.

I've included a pic here, so you can see the wrap.

to recap: He wasnt eating great with the other wrap, but he was eating some. now he doesnt want to eat at all, and is unable to get around on his own. Any suggestions here????? HELP!!!
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(Off topic, but please take the flea collar off. They are dangerous. High concentrations of pesticides around their necks. They have caused seizures & death).

My suggestion is to talk to your vet about this. Is he not willingly eating? Simply not getting around? It's possible there is something else going on....what caused the broken leg?
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We're not really sure what happened to his leg. He is, and has been an Indoor cat since we got him as a kitten 6 years ago.

For some reason or another, he decided he wanted to go outside and had been sitting on our back deck, watching the birds. Our Yard is fenced, so we know that, while possible for another animal to get to him, it's not probable, at least here in our yard.

anyway, he decided to stay outside the other day and hid under the deck to where we couldnt get to him. The next morning he came limping into the house holding his leg up in the air.

We took him to the vet, they did Xrays, and said it's hard to tell how it was broken. Could have been a dog bite, stepped on, hit by a vehicle, etc. Well, we know We didnt step on him. So here we are......
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Awwww poor kitty....I've never dealt with that..
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I'm wondering if there are any other injuries that might be causing him not to eat. Best to talk to the vet.
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I'd definitely take him back to the vet. Something else might be wrong, or he may be in pain.

One thing to watch out for: if cats go without eating for a while, they can develop a kind of anorexia, where they forget how to eat.

An appetite stimulant might help. But first, I think, see if something else's bothering him.

I'd go ASAP - as you probably know, cats can't go very long without eating/drinking without getting very ill.
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Thank you all for the comments.

Sadly, our "Shadow" passed away this afternoon. Before we could get him into the vet today.
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The flea collor could have poisoned him and that might have been why he didnt eat. Thats how my friends dog died. So sorry he died.
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I'm sorry you lost him.

Play happily over the rainbow bridge, Shadow.

When your ready, you can post a tribute here:
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Oh no, I'm sorry you lost Shadow.
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I'm so sorry. That is so sad. He seemed like a vibrant healthy and young cat...what a shock. My sympathies to you.
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