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3mo kitty with jaw swelling...absess?

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Hi guys...maybe you guys can help me.

I just brought home a 3mo kitten last Wednesday (so he's been home a week tomorrow), and I just noticed tonight that he has a major swelling in his jaw area, maybe around the root of one of his molars?

He's not been eating a whole lot since we brought him home, so I've been keeping an eye on him, hoping that it was just him being shy about being in a new home...but then spied tonight this swelling. He's been eating a bit here and there, but not very much, and certainly not as much as I would expect. We offered him a can of Iams Kitten Food the other night, and he chowed on a bit of that, but then stopped, and didn't eat any after that time.

He's already got a checkup appointment (that I'd set earlier today) next Monday, just to be sure he's healthy enough to possibly start introductions with our other two kitties (who were deemed to be in wonderful health by our vet yesterday)...but tomorrow I'm going to see if we can get him into their office sooner, since I'm worried about his lack of eating, and what this swelling could be.

In the meantime, can anyone give me any ideas on what's going on? I'm worried...

Thanks, and hugs to all,

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Get to vet ASAP. I'd suspect something about a tooth not coming in right, infection, etc.
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Oh, believe me, I'm going to get him into the vet as soon as I can get him worries about that. I just kinda want to know maybe what others think it is, to maybe know what to expect as far as the news I'll receive...

Thank you for your help...
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I do strongly wonder if it's an issue with the way a tooth came in, causing an infection/impaction.
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One of my kittens had the same thing. Rushed her to the vet and found out that one of her baby teeth had come almost all the way out and somehow turned sideways and got jammed between the new adult tooth coming in and the gum. The vet got the baby one out, and irrigated the area and then put her on antibiotics for 10 days. She was fine, but it can get serious fast so you might want to see if you can move up that appointment. My kitten also had two set of canines for a couple of days because her big ones came in behind her baby ones, very cool looking lol, but explained how the bad tooth happened. I was very glad when she finished her major teething. lol
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Wow...yeah, it sounds like it's definitely a tooth issue. I'm going to call them asap tomorrow and try to get them to take us tomorrow afternoon, or something along those lines. I don't think our regular vet will be there, but as long as he gets looked-at and they can help him somehow. I want him seen NOW. I would've just taken him right then, except that they were closed by the time I discovered it.

I've held him several times today, and he doesn't give any indication of pain, but I never let that be a factor in whether or not to take a kitty in...he's not eating a whole heck of a lot, so it's obviously bothering him.

Poor baby...he's been here a week tomorrow...and has to go through something like this!

If they do an extraction of that tooth, will he have to be syringe fed for a while, or how does that work? I figure it's a given that he'll be on antibiotics, and maybe pain meds. It's funny with the number of kitties I've had, and I've never encountered a dental issue...especially given that my first kitties were from a mama stray and her many litters (we didn't know enough at the time to get her spayed and stop her from having so many). This little guy has already got me on my toes!

Keep my new little baby in your prayers, guys...

And no worries, guys...I'm quick to take an animal in...I'll make things happen to get him looked at and taken care of tomorrow!
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Okay, a bit of good news...our vet had an opening at 5pm today, so we'll be taking Simon in then. THANK GOODNESS!

I will admit, even if they didn't have an appt available, I was going to see if we could try walking in, and if that didn't work, I would've found another vet to see just this once (we have a second one that's a little farther away that our Sunny and Hobbes got altered at).

So, he's going to be seen today, and I'll let you guys know what happens...

Please continue sending his way...
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OK, we're back from the vet's. The dr took a look at Simon's jaw, and teeth, and found that it wasn't anything dental (in fact, he was pleased with how symmetrical his teeth are!), but that it was in fact an abscess. The vet said that it might have been that Simon poked or injured himself on something, and the abscess resulted.

So, they gave him a bit of sedative, shaved, lanced, and drained the area, and he's been sent home with a round of antibiotics, and the directive to do a hot compress three times a day, while also continuing to drain the abscess.

We bought a bunch of Iams Wet Kitten food, in hopes that he would be able to eat it, and that it would help him to put on weight (he's quite bony...was that way upon coming home with us).

Please continue to send good vibes his way. This is unfamiliar territory for me, so I'm feeling nervous, and very sad for my little boy. He's just a few months old, and has already been through SO MUCH...but at least now he's in a home with people that will fawn all over him and do everything (and more) he needs...

Hugs to all,


P.S. The vet gave him a new little fuzzy ball toy. They were SOO in love with our little boy!
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One of my guys just had a huge abcess that resulted from a mouse bit on his neck. The bite sealed over, and the poison went into his sinus and down into his throat (inside). He was very swollen on his neck.

AFter the lancing and antibiotics, he started to improve. Took about 5 days, but he's really getting better now.

Sounds like your little one had a fever, too. I don't think you'll have to syringe-feed, since he probably will feel tons better with the lancing alone.

If he needs to get eating, try baby food. They just lap it up and love it.
You can also take cat food or tuna and put it into the blender.

Since he's so small, he needs to eat frequently.
They make special food for kittens, which is higher in fat and more caloric, too.

I had to spoon-feed mine for a while, sit with him while he ate.

I'll be interested to know how your little furrie is getting along.
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Poor Simon. With the antibiotics & all, he should heal fast.
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Antibiotics can cause upset stomachs and result in a decrease in appetite. And ay discomfort from eating will cause them to eat less.
Monitor the food intake and give syringe feeddig if needed - not eating can cause additional problems.
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Poor little guy ... how's he doing today?
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Glad to hear about Simon's progress. Cats and Kittens have an amazing ability to heal. Abscesses are nasty, but it sounds like he is well on his way to recovery. I have no doubt he will be up running soon, these things seem to take a bigger toll on their humans. He should be able to eat like a regular kitty and as said by others, antibiotics can make their tummies upset. If this happens put out smaller portions of food and feed him more often. Lots of water as well. It's amazing what kittens and cats can get into, but they are worth every hair pulling crisis. lol Best wishes for him to get better soon.
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Here's a good question...and this is unfamiliar territory for me, so fair warning about my questions ahead of time...

- If I have to syringe feed him, how do I go about this?

- Do I mix in some kitten replacement milk, to make it watery enough to be able to move through the syringe?

- Would it be okay to syringe feed him with the Iams Wet Kitten food?

- How do I do this without hurting his abscess?

- How do I drain it without hurting him?

- How long do I do the compress for?

I feel like a fish outta water with this. I've had so many kitties, but none with an abscess, so I'm totally unfamiliar with what to do.

*bites nails*
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