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My newly indoor 3 year old female is now indoors all the time and poops every other day. It is small and hard. Is this ok?
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My cat will only eat tuna and some dry food. Is tuna ok in water?
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tuna in water as a occational treat is fine ,...

what type of dry food are you feeding ??
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Like Sharky said, tuna is fine but only as a once-in-a-while treat.

My cats poop every 1-2 days, but usually every day. Is your cat drinking a lot of water? Usually when a cat eats primarily dry food they aren't getting enough water. I would look at water fountain's like the PetMate Fresh Flow ones. My cats drink a LOT more water with these then they do when I just put it out in a dish.

I would try to get your cat to eat more wet food, what wet food brands have you tried feeding it?
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My cats poop twice a day on average, and they eat mostly dry food (EVO) and some wet food every morning. I think most cats poop everyday, like humans. Firm is different than hard, maybe some hairball meds are in order?

Have you tried canned chicken? My cats eat that sometimes as a treat. Just some ideas
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She eats canned tuna (1 spoon a day) to get her pill, canned 9 Lives or Sheba and dry Indoor Berkley Jensen or Deli Cat. We cannot get many choices of food on island but I am going to the US Sept. for 3 weeks so can get what you recommend. She is an indoor cat. She pees 2x a day and I never see her drink but am not home all the time. THANKS
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My cats poop daily. Sometimes twice and they pee all the time.
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My baby-cat poops once in 2 days ever since I switched from wet & dry to dry only. Seems she does drink more water with dry-only but now she stopped pooping every day.

When she was fed with wet & dry, her poo poo got kinda loose & stinky.
My vet told me to cut down on wet to prevent that. I dunno which is better for her, though...

Just FYI, she is on Hill's prescription s/d.
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